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Pros and cons of Windows 10

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Pros and cons of Windows 10

Today, we would like to draw your attention to some pluses and minuses of the Windows 10 operating system, as a very large number of users every day find themselves in situations where they have a desire to purchase Windows 10, they do it , and then it turns out that the new operating system does not suit them for a number of certain parameters. It is because of the reduction in the number of such situations that we decided to invite you to use our article for informational purposes, where everything will be as detailed as possible and there will not be any one-sided viewpoint, as it often happens on other Internet resources.

Before you move on to a more in-depth study of our point of view on the "dozens", you need to understand: "Do you need this OS, or should you stay with what you have at the moment?" The essence of this issue is reduced to the fact that you have to determine for yourself some of the attendant moments that can not be avoided when installing a new system on a computer or laptop:

  • Some financial expenses are waiting for you, as in this article we are talking only about licensed Windows 10.
  • You will not have to go anywhere to spend time on updating the existing system on your computer or to make a complete installation of "dozens", so to speak "clean".
  • It is impossible to ignore the search for a workable software that will function under the core of Win 10. Here it is worth noting that this is not about popular programs like Antivirus, Office, etc., but about something more highly specialized and what is released in the new version its developers are not as often as users would like it to be.
  • Also, you should keep in mind that you have a completely new OS and although it was developed on the sidelines of Microsoft and has similar features to everything you could see earlier, its appearance and numerous working features will be very different from the previous ones the software you are using.
  • You can not ignore the search for drivers, which in very rare cases, can drag on for a long time, as there are a lot of working versions of drivers in the network today, but here are the stable ones, only a few.

Perhaps all of the above list with items can be attributed, both to pluses and minuses, but all from the fact that each of the moments has on the one hand negative features that hide in the fact that you have something to look for and what it's time to waste, but on the other hand, there are also positive moments, where you will surely like that after all your mini-problems, the system's performance will grow tremendously and it will be built only on the most modern software.

Pros of the Windows 10 operating system

Let's take a closer look at the pluses of the Windows 10 operating system, because thanks to them, your software will be able to please you and allow you to completely look at the software world in the face of operating systems that are the most up-to-date and continue build up their capacity constantly.

  • Despite the fact that Win 10 is the most modern operating system, its price is not as great as it was before when you released completely different versions of the operating systems Windows 7 and Windows 8, which were originally very expensive pleasure, and only on the advent of some time, acquired a more restrained pricing policy. Thus, to pay attention to the pirated version of the "dozens" you do not have to, because you can at any time buy a license, which will average 700-1200 rubles.
  • We do not consider this a huge plus, but for 30-40% of PC users it is of course a plus... In this version of the software the Start menu was returned, which has the ability to function as it was before. It should also be noted that the "Start" has undergone some changes, they are more colossal than ever, but at the same time, they have all the necessary options that a huge number of PC users need.
  • Any full-screen application has the ability to reduce to the size of the working window, which for you is the most optimal. Thus, you can work in turn in several working windows, which will be simultaneously opened in the "Desktop" area.
  • You will not have any more problems with running several "Desktops", because this problem was completely solved in this OS, which increased the range of working capabilities of any user interacting with this option system.
  • Windows 10 itself became even more versatile, as it has the ability to work on any device due to a radically new system for building the working environment. Thus, any standard application that you launch in the "top ten" can work fine, both on a desktop computer, and on a laptop, and even on a tablet or smartphone.
  • To leave without attention the understated requirements to iron as it is not possible, after all in spite of the fact that in the tenth version of an operating system all as though absolutely new, but here it is high-grade to function even on those computers which are very morally obsolete. Thus, if your computer is 5-10 years old and the "seven" functioned at its proper time, the installation of "tens" on it will pass completely without any problems.
  • If you are irritated by constant OS stops and reboots before the computer turns off or turns on so that the downloaded changes take effect, it's worth noting that this program does not. The system downloads and installs software for updating in the so-called "background" mode, which is convenient and practical in itself, as it does not interfere with the computer.
  • If for some reason, you do not like Win 10, you can return to the version of the system with which you upgraded to "dozens" within 31 days.

The disadvantages of the Windows 10 operating system

Compared to the pluses, minuses of the operating system Windows 10 are available in a much smaller number, since the system was originally designed by its developers, who tried to make their software as high-quality and unique in its kind. It is for this reason, each of its actions, software developers had to practically "coordinate" with ordinary users, who left a lot of comments on this issue on the Microsoft forums.

Correctly or not, some users consider it a huge disadvantage that numerous system settings have moved from the usual places to new sections, thus making it difficult to find. Although, if you understand, then this is not such a big disadvantage, especially in the new system, everything can be found with the help of a search string and 1-2 words.

  • Also, you should be prepared for the fact that in this system you will not be able to find Media Center, but everything from the fact that it is not there and will not be. This software is obsolete according to the developers and its use is no longer appropriate.
  • Windows 10 has more advertising, which, often, is shown to users in a hidden mode, thereby imperceptibly pushing them to purchase additional software or other programs.
  • "Ten" has the ability to collect information about the user working at the computer. This allows Microsoft to know about you everything that you previously could hide.
  • As previously reported, some programs that were developed earlier and did not receive updates on time may not work in Win 10. Of course, you can run "compatibility mode", but this will not be the environment of the updated OS in which you would like to work originally.
  • Depending on the edition, the user has the opportunity to refuse some updates or collections about it information, or does not have such an opportunity. So be careful, because the editorial "Home" and "Pro" are very different from each other in this regard.

Final opinion on Windows 10

As it seems to us, pluses and minuses of the Windows 10 operating system certainly take place, but in any case, it is necessary to understand that this program is not similar to its predecessors, but everything from the fact that it was implemented a lot of innovations that are not and will not be in the previous editions of the OS. In addition, this kind of software is a new stage of evolution, which will develop constantly and thereby give all users who work in the environment of this software innovative opportunities for the time spent at the computer they seemed to be shorter and they carried out it as fruitfully as possible . It is for this reason that the number of positive moments for which the "ten" is valued is greater than the minimum set of cons, some of which you will not see at all.

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