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Buy a license key for Windows 10 Home - so that work and entertainment at your home computer will always be a joy for you, since this version of the operating system is just perfect for using it for various kinds of tasks that are not as colossal as at work, but everything the same must be solved. Due to the fact that the operating system has a sufficient amount of power, it is able to cope with a very wide range of tasks, which are quite enough for users working on a PC only at home. In addition, this edition of the system has its undeniable advantages, attracting the attention of those who are not ready to configure something globally in the OS, but want to turn off the computer and simply perform the tasks assigned to it. That's exactly why the developers have tried to add here the maximum of everything necessary for such users:

  • Automatic download and installation of updates. You don't have to take any actions in order to update the system, since everything is done in the background and the user will only be informed that it's time to restart the device to install updates and then there is nothing to do. This approach to updates allows you to forget about them altogether, since it becomes possible to just work or have fun and not be distracted by something not clear;
  • Automated Windows Hello security system. You can forget about using passwords that are forever lost if you write them down on pieces of paper or forgotten if you try to remember them. Everything is much simpler here, since it is possible to use a fingerprint or a face scan to unlock the device. All this increases the security of the device and simplifies access to it, its direct user;
  • Powerful device encryption. This is another great security option that many will like if they have the official Windows 10 Home. The uniqueness of this add-on is that as soon as it becomes active, unauthorized users will not be able to use the device normally, and even more so, to access the data stored in it;
  • Built-in Firewall and Internet Defender. Good antivirus solutions at the initial stage of using the OS. These protective options will be quite enough if you use the device practically without an Internet connection, or they will provide you with an excellent security service at the initial stage of active use of Windows 10. Further, antivirus software can always be expanded depending on your immediate needs;
  • Automated protection on the Internet. Another not poorly functioning tool that aims to protect the user from such problems as: blockers, banners, extortionists, etc. Everything that can automatically lock your device while you surf the Internet will now be automatically cut off;
  • Parental control. An option brought to automatic operation, which allows parents not to constantly monitor their child, but to configure access boundaries all at once and no longer worry that the child will get to the pages of the site with inappropriate content for his age. If necessary, access options can be expanded or narrowed, it all depends on the specific needs of the young consumer.

Thanks to all of the above, we offer you Windows 10 Home to buy a license in order to once and for all abandon the search for an operating system that could be ideal for you to use it at home.

We draw your attention to this version of the OS for a reason, but for the reason that even though it is very young, it is still one of the most practical and versatile in its niche, and precisely because of this, it has the opportunity to gradually displace its competitors from the market. It is clear that this version of the OS has some limitations compared to what its senior "colleagues in the shop" can offer you, but it is worth understanding that this version of the program was created so that you can use it within the walls of your home. But whatever it is, and even if you lack something in the operating system, you can supplement it at any time with software, both from Microsoft and from third-party developers.

It is also worth noting that the operating system itself is very easy to use, because it has fewer different kinds of add-ons and applications than in other OS versions, and it is Win 10 Home that consumes many times less resources of your hardware than all other operating systems, and this is very important for home computers, because they are not so often subjected to upgrade. All this, in its entirety, will allow you to see an operating system that works many times faster than its "colleagues on the shop floor", who are not likely to be voracious in terms of resources and quite often, precisely because of this, they have various problems… So, it's worth buying a Windows 10 Home key in order to make the time spent at a computer that is at home much more exciting, since this is exactly what you need, because having tried this OS just once, you will no longer want to give it up. because of its simplicity and quality in use. In addition, additions such as:

  • Modern - Pre-installed Microsoft Edge browser;
  • Modern communication channel with Android or iPhone for data exchange;
  • Modern handwriting recognition using an electronic pen;
  • A modern means of limiting the power supply to increase the autonomous operation of the device.

All this is able to fit into the life of any user very quickly and give him real opportunities to look at the use of his device from a completely different angle.

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Отзывы наших покупателей
2023-09-14 01:36:56
Возникли небольшие проблемы, написал продавцу — тот ответил в течение 5 минут, выслал инструкцию, скинул скриншоты что как делать и решил проблему в тот же час. Сервис 5/5
2023-08-17 10:43:15
Хорошо и быстро пришёл ключ, активировал, чутка выждал и всё как надо!
2023-07-26 19:29:11
Слетела активация. Оперативно произвели замену ключа. Всё прекрасно!
2023-07-26 14:20:27
Всё супер. Возникла проблема, которая была сразу решена. Спасибо
2023-05-10 23:28:23
Активация прошла успешно.
2023-03-16 10:46:48
Все как всегда на высоте, ключи пожизненно работают, если бы на Gold-NM не знаю как бы жили))
2023-03-11 12:33:18
Все получилось. Спасибо за обратную связь. Рекомендую к покупке продуктов на сайте. Всего вам хорошего.
2023-03-06 22:34:26
Ключи покупаю всегда только у этого продавца, все оперативно, качественно!
2023-03-05 16:50:36
Пришлось активировать через телефон! Хорошо хоть так- ключ рабочий.
2023-02-09 22:06:23
Всё работает! Спасибо.
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