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Tabs in Explorer in Windows 11

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Tabs in Explorer in Windows 11

Tabs in Explorer in Windows 11 are a very long-awaited addition, which is expected by a huge number of users of the eleventh version of the operating system. Of course, without this add–on, it is quite normal to use systems, but historically, the Microsoft developer company constantly tells in its announcements how cool and practical it will be to use tabs and as a result, most people more and more want to see this innovation live and, of course, have a desire to fully use it use. Until recently, users did not have such an opportunity, but with the recently released update for insiders - build 25136 in Dev Channel, it appeared.

It is very important to point out that almost all insiders who have downloaded the update have trouble-free access to the Tabs option, but there are also those who additionally have to download the Vivetool application, which will enable the Tabs.

How do I enable Tabs in Explorer in Windows 11?

In fact, there are no difficulties here, the only thing that needs to be done is to update Windows 11 to build Windows 11 Build 25136 in Dev Channel. Note that in previously released builds (not in all, but in some), the "Tabs" option was already active, but at the moment it was disabled and now, it is mandatory to download Build 25136 in Dev Channel.

Now, you have to follow a few steps: download "Vivetool" located in the repository on "Github" → use the hot keys "Win+R" and enter the command → "cmd" → next, you need to press the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl+Shift+Enter", which will allow you to run the "Command Prompt" as an Administrator → enter CD, where there is a path to the recently downloaded folder "Vivetool" → press "Enter" - in this case, the path should look something like this - "CD C:\Vivetool ", but it may be a little different, it all depends on the location of the "Vivetool" folder on your computer.

It remains to enter "vivetool addconfig 37634385 2" → press "Enter" → it remains to reboot the device → check the operability of the "Tabs".

In order to check if you were able to activate Tabs in the explorer in Windows 11, it is necessary to start the explorer after starting the device and make sure that the tabs appear.

How to disable Tabs in Explorer in Windows 11?

If for some reason you do not need or do not like the "Tabs", and perhaps with their appearance, your system will start to fail very often, then in such a situation it is necessary to perform all the steps described above, but only one of the last actions should be entering the command "delconfig 37634385" → after which the same you need to press "Enter" → restart the device.

P.S. You perform all the above actions at your own risk, since officially the "Tabs" option should not yet function in the vast masses, since it is still being tested and verified in order to appear in Windows 11 in one of the upcoming updates completely without any software failures.

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