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ntoskrnl.exe in Windows 11

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ntoskrnl.exe in Windows 11

Let's simulate a situation in which you decided to use your computer and at the most unexpected moment saw that its work was interrupted, a "blue screen of death" appeared and the system tried to notify you of the error - ntoskrnl.exe in Windows 11. In such a situation, most users resort to restarting the operating system and try to continue using it, but with a high probability the error occurs again at the most inopportune moment and work at the PC will be interrupted.

What is an error ntoskrnl.exe ?

When you see the notification "ntoskrnl.exe " - this only means that you have some system processes on your computer in which hardware virtualization related to memory has failed. Most often, all of the above is due to the following problems:

  • Corruption of system files;
  • Faulty drivers;
  • RAM problems;
  • Problems with overclocking the device;
  • Problems related to the installation of new equipment.

How to delete ntoskrnl.exe in Windows 11?

  • The first step is to check the equipment for operability, especially if you recently upgraded your PC. When installing new hard drives or RAM strips, you need to disable them. The RAM bars can be removed from the slots one by one, and then they can be returned back, thereby checking their operability. Also, the RAM strips can be inserted into other unused slots and check for errors.

  • Disconnect all external devices that are connected to your PC via USB. Here you need to understand that we are talking not only about flash drives, but also mice and even printers. In general, everything connected to the PC via USB ports is disconnected and only after that we start the Windows 11 operating system. In this situation, the calculation is made on the fact that devices connected via USB ports may have some incompatibility with the OS, which occurs directly at the start of the system.

  • It is necessary to update the drivers yourself, since they can either be very outdated or updated automatically by the system itself and as a result, incompatible drivers are installed. In this step, press the hotkey combination "Win+X" → go to "Device Manager" → now, alternately right-click on each device and select "Update driver" in the menu that appears.

  • Also, we recommend performing "Diagnostics of RAM", which very often allows you to correct errors in it at the software level. You need to simultaneously press "Win+R" → write the command mdsched.exe → then select "Reboot and check".

  • Very often, users try to "Overclock the device" on their own, then forget about it and, as a result, face the fact that there is a error ntoskrnl.exe in Windows 11. There are two ways to return everything to the state that it was before – if you used a third-party utility, then use it again and return all settings to the state that was previously, if the third-party utility was not used, then you need to: go to "BIOS" → find the "EXIT" tab and select "Load Setup Defaults" in it → press "F10", which will save the changes made to the system.

  • Also, there are situations in which the "Realtek HiDefinition Audio" driver may become marked as "Creative Audio Driver", which means that it is outdated and it is because of it that a software failure occurs ntoskrnl.exe . In such a situation, it is necessary to act radically: we remove the driver → use the "Windows Update Center" in order to download the current version of the driver or, independently – manually, download and install this driver.
  • Also, if your hard disk has "broken sectors", then this can also cause problems, in order to solve problems, you need to: hover the mouse cursor over the Start menu and right-click → in the menu that appears, select the item responsible for running the command line as administrator → enter three commands alternately:
  • chkdsk c: /f /r
  • sfc /scannow
  • DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

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