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Windows 8.1 and Office

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If you choose licensed software from Microsoft, then you need to think about how to look at from different anglesWindows c Office in editions that cannot be called "the most modern", but they also cannot be called "outdated", because a lot of time will have to pass before this software "gets old". We bring to your attention Windows 8.1 Professional and Office 2016 Pro Plus – two completely different programs that differ from each other as much as possible, can function separately, but if they are used together, the level of software capabilities increases exponentially. Such an increase in capacity is due to the fact that any user will be able to get at their disposal software tools that perfectly complement each other and, due to this, do not have any conflict situations during operation.

The Power of Windows 8.1 Professional

This system from MS has long been considered one of the best and, in some ways, even ideal, since the developers of similar software have not yet had a more successful project and when it will be, no one knows yet. The reason that this "eight" was able to fall in love with just a huge number of users and every second person who gets acquainted with it wants to buy Windows 8.1 is simple and banal – the functionality of the system is complemented by unique and workable applications and as a result, the OS boasts the following:

  • Standard Start menu. Here, as before, there is an opportunity to use the menu familiar to many users;
  • Customizable menu of "live tiles". You will be able to decide for yourself what and where should be located so that it is more convenient for you to use it;
  • You can open up to 4 windows of different sizes. A very relevant option for those who work with a large number of applications;
  • Presence of pre-installed applications. It is worth noting here that you do not have to install third-party software from the category of "everyday", since it is already installed: Calendar, Mail, People, etc.;
  • Simultaneous launch of 2 physical processors. This option allows you to increase the power – the computing speed of the device several times;
  • Creation of a Wi-Fi access point. Gives you the opportunity to expand access to your own devices and the devices of colleagues at work to the Internet connection;
  • The ability to use 3D printing. The system is not limited to standard printing capabilities, as it easily copes even with 3D models;
  • Setting up automatic system updates. If desired, you can opt out of automatic updates and adjust it to your needs;
  • Connection to the "Workplace". It is very good to use your device remotely without visiting the office;
  • The presence of a huge number of antivirus options. You need to understand that everything here is not limited to a standard antivirus, but expands to: firewall, data encryption, family security, etc.

So if you buy a Windows 8.1 system, you will notice that it is really well adapted to be used in completely different directions and with maximum computing power.

The Power of Office 2016 Pro Plus

Software - Office 2016 Pro Plus is suitable for a lot of users, because each of them will be able to find exactly what he needs here, since the program itself is quite extensive and is able to work in a very wide range of directions. The most important and of course the main tools here are:

  • Word is an application that can be safely called a "workhorse", since it is used more often than all the others and is used everywhere. The main tasks are text processing, which can easily affect the design of a text document: pictures, fonts, music, background color fills and many others;
  • Excel is an application that can be considered the second "workhorse", since it is also most often used by users, but only here the main principle of operation is the creation of tables and systematization of information in them. You can edit the information in the tables without any problems at all, there are specialized buttons on the toolbar for this. For more advanced users, there are "specialized commands" that allow you to perform even more complex computational processes;
  • OneNote is an electronic notebook that gives freedom and the opportunity to abandon the usual paper media. Many users who value their time and try to systematize their life in the business sphere, decide to buy Office 2016 Pro Plus precisely for the sake of this tool. With the advent of such a software add-on, it will not be difficult to record upcoming events and arrange them in a hierarchical ladder, for most people it is very important;
  • PowerPoint – can create stunning presentations from almost nothing, as it is sharpened to ensure that the user takes individual pieces of information and visual additions in the form of: texts, music, pictures, videos, tables, graphs and much more and designed them into something presentable. Presentations created using this application are very practical, convenient and give you the opportunity to be sure that they will be noticed;
  • Outlook is a software tool designed to process emails with high quality. The uniqueness of this application is that it is: secure, has filters for mailing, has the ability to group contacts and allows you to conduct a safe dialogue with clients at work;
  • Access – on the one hand, this application is a simple tool for database processing, but with the proper approach to its use, you can use it to create your own application that allows you to process databases. Thus, it turns out that if you need a small program with your specific structure and you can't find anything, you can create such software yourself;
  • Publisher is an application that is ready to help users who need a tool that allows them to process documents not in the format of a text editor, but in the format of page markup. To arrange the elements in a particular project is no longer a problem, and after that, this project can be immediately launched into print;
  • Skype for business is a good software alternative to any application that allows you to conduct an online dialogue, both in a chat and via video communication. Those users who conduct a lot of remote negotiations without hesitation decide to buy the Office 2016 program just for the sake of this application. With the help of such an addition, it is possible to significantly expand their ability to negotiate and control their employees.

In general, Office 2016 ProPlus is a powerful software tool that will be convenient to use, both for a student – with minimal requests for tasks, and for a real businessman – who should not just negotiate, but also periodically participate in the creation of projects and monitor them all the way through creation.

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