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Windows 7 and Office 2013 Keys

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Well, who among you does not dream about buying several licensed programs with one purchase? That's right, everyone is dreaming about such a purchase, because there are several indisputable advantages in it, which, for the most part, are liked by all who receive them:

  • Saving money when buying several programs at once.
  • One-time purchase of several license activation keys for software.
  • Ability to immediately activate activation keys and start using the software.

That's why we decided today to invite you to pay attention to a small "combo" that looks like MS Windows 7 with Office 2013. Surely, such a plan combination of software, you are sure to be interested, since it simply has an enormous opportunity to use high-quality programs in a certain set, especially not the average version of the programs, but the editorial staffs having the letter "Pro", which means that that they were created, in order to be professionally used in various areas of work with software.

Are Windows 7 Pro current with Office 2013 Pro currently relevant or not?

If for some reason it may seem to you that the programs offered to you for some reason or other have become obsolete and you want to sell a not very up-to-date software, then in this case, we want to immediately clarify this moment, so that in the future!

The main reason for the "unification" program in the face of Windows 7 and Office 2013 is that the user is offered no outdated software, and the software package, which in the last couple of years is the most relevant and in demand. It is a separate acquisition, both the seventh generation operating system and the office of the 13th year, that allowed us to conduct some analysis and based on it to conclude that in 90% of cases, the customer buys from us the OS first, and then returns for office software . Thus, these are popular programs, even though they were developed and released in the light a few years ago.

It should also be noted that to date, thanks to constant updates, both programs remain very relevant, as they receive a large number of updates every day, which actually support their relevance. In addition, this software is already in the "free float" on user computers and laptops for a number of years, which means that it has been able to evolve quite well in terms of reducing the number of critical errors and various problems that can be noticed at the moment on more current versions of operating systems and office "combines".

Key Features of Windows 7 Pro

  • Since this OS has a "Professional" edition, it should be understood that the program itself was developed in order to be as stable and unshakable under no circumstances. Thus, the main advantage of this particular Windows 7 Pro with Office 2013 Pro is its stability in operation, even under maximum loads and an infinite number of simultaneously running processes.
  • The program has the ability to support one of the largest memory sizes, which is 192 GB, which means that you will have the opportunity to use simply colossal computing processes.
  • Also, here you will have a function such as Windows Aero, which is very relevant at the moment.
  • There is full support for multiple monitors at the same time. It is convenient both for people working, and for those who like to play computer games.
  • If necessary, it is possible to use the fastest switching between Users, which saves time in several times, if a fast change of the working environment is required.
  • If you need a "Desktop Manager", then they can also be used, since it starts in a matter of seconds.
  • This version of the OS supports one of the most current versions of the "Windows Mobility Center".
  • Handwriting recognition for Windows 7 Pro - this is no longer a problem, since here is installed the most improved version of the program.
  • Those of you who need to work in parallel with the "seven" in the "XP" environment, you can use the emulator of Windows XP.
  • A powerful kernel of the program, allows you to support several physical processes simultaneously without any problems, which is just as important, at high loads on the computer.
  • Also, the PC will probably be used as a host computer that allows you to access the Remote Desktop.

Key Features of Office 2013 Pro

  • Word - will allow you to quickly learn how to create text documents. In addition, with this application, you can quickly edit any document and even, fill it with more information.
  • Excel - will allow you to create in a short time almost any table and to carry in it specific data. Thanks to the use of this application, it is possible to fill the tables with data in automatic mode and, if necessary, in the same automatic mode, perform calculations in different magnitudes.
  • PowerPoint - will literally in a few minutes make a visual implementation of the project in a presentation form. Has a huge number of opportunities for creating both simple presentations and professional ones.
  • OneNote - will allow you to create a note in a few seconds, which will inform you in advance what is scheduled for you to meet on a specific date or there are still any planned cases.
  • Outlook - will allow to use the mail client, which has several degrees of protection, but at the same time, it is visually realized quite simply.
  • Access - allows you to process databases of almost any type. Thanks to this application, once the most complicated processing for you, can turn into pleasure.
  • Publisher - allows you to create unique branded logos and develop other images.
  • InfoPath - enables you to independently develop forms of data entry on the XML platform.
  • Messaging system - allows you to exchange messages on a "closed channel", which is really relevant for organizations and forms.

As you can see, both the programs Windows 7 Pro and Office 2013 Pro have a very high quality and really worthwhile set of tools, which for one reason or another can allow you to completely look at the computer that is in your office. More, for you there will be no complicated tasks, because a set of high-quality software will allow you to speed up the process of work several times and as a result, to make it as high as possible.

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Оперативно и качественно!
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