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If you consider yourself one of those people who do not want to use the simplest editions of operating systems, since they lack the lion's share of versatile options that allow you to configure the OS and there is a minimum number of pre-installed applications, then you should buy Windows 11 Pro. The advantages of this edition of the system are obvious and they can be noticed from the first seconds even by a person who has just started using a computer, but already understands what a working ecosystem should be like, since it must necessarily have:

  • The most powerful protection, which is not aimed at any particular area of the system, but has the ability to protect almost everything, because each application is "sharpened" for specific tasks. Here, you can always use tools such as: device encryption, device control, firewall and network protection, Internet protection, parental control and protection, secure boot, Windows Hello, Windows Information Protection (WIP), Windows security and many other little things;
  • The functions of receiving updates have become more practical, since the system will receive large-scale updates no more than once a year, and it will be possible to use them for two years from the moment of release. Thus, you will not have to constantly update the system and worry that a failure will occur somewhere because of this, because "large-scale updates" will be constantly adjusted by specialists and situations in which a problem will arise after installation on a PC will be minimized. In addition, Microsoft also announced that every week a device with Internet access will receive mini-updates, but they are "cumulative" and will not bring any changes to the system. A more practical update system with the possibility of additional customization is exactly what should appeal to all those users who are going to use official Windows 11 Pro on a long–term basis;
  • It is also impossible to ignore the fact that in the eleventh version of the system, a completely new function has appeared – Snap Assist, which can completely change the understanding of any user how to use the workspace – open windows on the "Desktop". Now, it doesn't matter if you use one monitor or several, since you don't have to drag windows yourself and configure them somehow, because there is a special window binding function for this, which allows you to place working windows in one click in a way that is convenient for you;
  • The updated Start menu, which many users familiar with the Windows ecosystem will no longer be able to find in the lower left corner of the monitor, which is familiar to them, and everything depends on the fact that this menu has been very much updated and has been placed in the lower central part of the monitor screen. Due to this, the Start menu has become even more accessible. In parallel, the most recently used applications and files that you have worked with are also displayed here. All this makes it possible to more actively use those applications and files that you need more often, which is incredibly convenient and practical;
  • If you buy a Windows 11 Pro key, you will notice that Android support has appeared in Windows, and this is a completely new opportunity to work and have fun at a desktop computer, but at the same time, use mobile applications. The practicality of this innovation lies in the fact that users will no longer have to use additional software to launch Android applications in the Windows 11 ecosystem, since the whole process will proceed automatically due to the already built-in software in the system itself. At the initial stage, the developers from MS want to make it possible to download and install applications only from the Microsoft Store, but in the future, access will be opened to the option that allows you to download and install third-party Android applications without using the Microsoft Store;
  • Innovative improvements for the gaming part of using a PC are also present here, since the developer company has introduced some innovations that allow improving the quality of graphics and visualization details in outdated games due to a new option - Auto HDR. It is also reported about the use of NVMe solid-state drives, due to which it will be possible to speed up the loading of the game on a fairly extensive scale. Here, there will also be an Xbox Game Pass subscription for PC, which will please fans of playing various games, subject to monthly contributions.

Having studied all of the above, most users will probably want to buy MS Windows 11 in the "Pro" edition, because this is a truly unique operating system, where a huge number of functions, many of which are already fully functioning, and some are being refined and supplemented in order to become even more convenient and practical in terms of use. So, if you are thinking about buying high-quality and practical software, we recommend that you pay attention to this operating system, because it is very large-scale and promises to become even more interesting in terms of use in the near future, both in work and in games.

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2024-03-26 16:25:54
Хорошая коммуникация, товар согласно описания.
2023-12-28 18:01:20
лучшее! пользуюсь далеко не 1 не 2 и не 3 года всегда помогают с положительным результатом! реально рекомендую :)
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