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Official Windows 11 Home on 3 PC

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Windows 11 Home operating system for 3 PCs is the optimal purchase solution when you need to install and activate licensed - modern software on three devices at once. This system has quite sufficient functionality to be used as a working tool: at home, at school and even at the workplace. The main thing is to understand and adequately evaluate the capabilities of the OS, so that working in its software environment brings pleasure, and does not disappoint you.

Basic Security principles of Windows 11 Home

Despite the fact that the eleventh version of the operating system was entirely designed for users who are ready to use it only at home, many people prefer to use this software in the environment in which they study or work. Due to this, the risk of system infection and loss of personal data increases. In order to minimize such situations, Microsoft developers decided to introduce the maximum set of protective tools into the "Home" edition of the OS, among which there are:

  • Firewall and network protection – a set of antivirus tools capable of monitoring the device and protecting it from potential threats from outside. This software is in some way an antivirus with a small set of protective options;
  • Device encryption is an option that, when activated, allows you to exclude the use of the device by those users who are not "authorized" for this action. Many experienced users decide to buy Windows 11 for Home use precisely because of this option;
  • Device Control – allows you to always control the devices that you use and not allow third parties to use them without your knowledge;
  • Protection on the Internet is a good toolkit with configuration options that allows you to adjust the security level of the working device. Here, the protection is much broader than many might think, because it applies to: websites, files, applications and much more;
  • Secure boot is a great opportunity to protect the system from the insane amount of versatile slag that can harm the system. Any unauthorized systems that can harm your system even a little bit will now be automatically disabled;
  • Windows Hello is a security system familiar to many users for a long time, it is also present in the eleventh version of the OS, which still allows you to abandon the usual passwords, and makes it possible to use: PIN, fingerprint or scan faces to gain access to the system environment;
  • Windows security is a small "bonus" for those users who like to constantly monitor the health status of the device and the degree of its security;
  • WIP protection – will be able to save your corporate applications and data, which will prevent information leakage. In Windows 11 Hom – this is especially true if several people use the device and periodically have to work with third-party media;
  • Parental control and protection is a new step in helping parents to control their child while he is at the computer. Prohibit viewing adult websites, downloading, shopping, limit the time spent on the computer and much more, this tool is able to offer.

To all of the above, of course, it is worth adding additional system features that were already partially present in the "top ten", but they began to fully function only in this version of the system:

  • Automated receipt of updates – updates occur no more than once a year, thereby not slowing down the device during operation and provides it with the maximum package of new options;
  • Updated start menu – designed in such a way as to speed up the process of using the working environment of the system and make it as fast as possible, because in modern realities, speed is very often required in work;
  • Snap Assist – a new function of "binding" windows, will make it possible to use the workspace of the system more efficiently and work comfortably even when it seems that it is not possible to sort out the workspace;
  • Android application support – opens up even more opportunities for users to work and create without using additional software.

In general, Windows 11 for home for 3 computers is the optimal set of tools that is relatively inexpensive, but at the same time, it is able to show itself from the best side from what angle you will not look at this OS. So, if you need a powerful system in terms of performance, pay attention to this edition, because with a high probability, it will be able to interest you.

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