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Windows 11 Home license for 2 PCs

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Licensed Windows 11 Home is a completely new ecosystem from Microsoft, which was created in order to simplify the functionality of using the operating system by inexperienced users as much as possible. The workspace of the system is modeled in such a way that any person has unlimited access to all those software options that he needs during work.

Who will be comfortable using Windows 11 Home?

Using the eleventh version of the operating system will be fun for a huge number of people, even though the OS has built-in limitations in functional terms… All the same, its capacity will be enough to solve most problems. Among the most obvious advantages of the system , it is worth highlighting:

  • Automatic system update. It would seem to be a simple option, but as practice shows, the use of such software is exactly what users most often forget to do on their own or perform incorrectly. Therefore, Windows 11 Home has the main direction in the field of updates - automated, which allows you not to think about updates at all;
  • Device encryption. Allows you to hide the device and all the data it stores from outsiders. This is especially true if you use a PC at home or at the workplace in those moments when the device remains without your attention and an outsider can use it;
  • Control device. Allows you to easily monitor and control your devices and not worry that someone can use them. Now, even an electronic pen will be under your constant control;
  • Firewall and network protection. An additional level of protection, which is considered the "initial" antivirus software. Of course, this software will not be able to protect your device from viruses and threats from outside as much as possible, but it will be quite enough to temporarily protect your PC from intrusions from outside. A simple alternative to more powerful and famous antiviruses, which will allow you not to worry about infecting your device;
  • Protection on the Internet. It is worth buying a Windows 11 Home key even because there is a software tool here - Windows Security and you will be able to safely manage applications and browsers, since this built-in tool will make it possible to protect the device from such dangers as infected: applications, websites, downloads, files, etc.;
  • Parental control. A great opportunity for parents not to worry about what their child is doing at the computer. Now, every action of a young child can be controlled by parents: the time spent at the PC, visiting adult websites, online shopping, etc., can be controlled remotely;
  • Secure loading. It gives you the opportunity to control what you download from the Internet, because there may be danger hidden in any downloaded file. This application will protect the system from hidden threats from the Internet;
  • Windows Hello. An option that has long been known to Microsoft users, aimed at not using passwords familiar to most people, but using innovative features: face recognition, PIN code entry and fingerprint scanning;
  • Windows Information Protection (WIP). A new degree of protection aimed at protecting the processed information from data leakage. Moreover, working on projects will not be dangerous, because all information will be under constant control of the security system;
  • Windows security. It will allow users to perform online monitoring of the device's operability and control its security. All this, in its entirety, will make it possible to see and understand what PC protection is at one time or another.

Even though Windows 11 Home for 2 PCs is not a super powerful and versatile operating system for working in the field of advanced options aimed at business, it is clearly visible that the OS is as well protected as possible. It is this fact that allows you to use the system as a full-fledged tool, which is always possible to supplement and expand at the expense of third-party applications, but at the same time, always have a clear understanding that the working environment will not be controlled by anyone but you.

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