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Here is a Windows 11 Enterprise license designed for those users who need to use a "hybrid work format". If you do not know what a "hybrid work format" is, then we will explain to you – this is an opportunity to perform working manipulations on a project being created not alone, but together with several users. In such a situation, the work can proceed in completely different ways:

  • One is working, the others are checking;
  • A lot of people work, one checks;
  • We are constantly working together in all directions;
  • We are constantly working together, where everyone is responsible only for their own area.

There can be as many options for using the operating system as you like, since the main thing here is that the main workflow does not stop and always goes only forward. Due to the ability to work together, you can create very large-scale projects, because in a situation where one user may not have time to correct some direction, someone else will always come to his aid. It turns out a kind of symbiosis, which is very important in a corporate niche, because work should not stop for a moment.

The most advanced protection in Windows 11 Enterprise

Since the official Windows 11 Enterprise is positioned as an operating system designed for users aimed at working in the corporate sphere, then the level of software security here should be much higher than that of other editions of Win 11. That's why, the developers tried to implement here the maximum of what was possible and as a result, we can fully use this hour with you:

  • Active protection based on virtualization and hypervisor code integrity. This means that processes hidden for virus threats are constantly occurring in the OS, many of which are disguised and their main purpose is to identify any potentially dangerous problem;
  • Windows Hello with multi-factor authentication, will allow you to very quickly abandon the use of ordinary and not reliable passwords, since now it will be possible to use the biometric characteristics of your body to gain access to information stored in the bowels of the device;
  • Secure remote operation, designed for users working with the help of corporate devices configured according to all security requirements of the company. In addition, it is possible to always "pre-configure" the security requirements of any device remotely and thereby make it even more secure.\;
  • Antivirus and firewall in Windows 11 Enterprise x64 are simply a huge list of security tools that are aimed at working in very extensive areas - blocking: viruses, advertising, blockers, ransomware, banners, hidden surveillance and much more. Monitoring and monitoring of all kinds of malware proceeds even faster than before, because monitoring of suspicious and potentially dangerous activity is conducted every second;
  • ReFS file system capable of running on regular disk partitions. This is incredibly convenient, as it does not require additional equipment from users and saves a very good budget. In addition, this approach to using the file system is very practical, no matter how you look at it, because it is the future;
  • The analytical control system for remote devices allows you to automatically collect data and easily understand at what point you need to launch an update of a particular device. Also, it allows you to constantly monitor and collect statistics on work and on moments affecting the working capacity of the device.

Thus, the licensed activation key for Windows 11 Enterprise gives even a corporate user, even a private person, a very good – specialized toolkit that allows you to work at the highest level.

The newest in Windows 11 Enterprise

This edition of the operating system from MS has not remained without unique additions, which means that you will have something to look at here and perhaps something will surprise you greatly. Among the most interesting innovations it is worth highlighting:

  • The update process. It will no longer look like what the OS developers tried to add earlier, since everything there looked like constant downloads of major updates and edits of endless software failures. Here, the update process will be more shortened – the system will certainly receive updates, but they will be very compact and will not bring any major problems. As for something large-scale in terms of updates, such patches will be released no more than once every 36 months, and possibly even less often;
  • You can see the new Start menu if you buy a Windows 11 Enterprise key and run a system in which the familiar menu will be located in the middle of the screen at the bottom. In addition, the Start menu itself will have more practical options than before, because all those applications and files that you used last or use most often will be collected here;
  • The location of open windows in automatic mode, another advantage of this OS. The uniqueness of this option lies in the fact that in the condition when you have several windows open and you do not understand how they can be arranged as conveniently as possible for work, the tool will allow you to do it as quickly as possible. If desired, the always selected window layout can be changed to a new one and this is also done in a few mouse clicks. This is especially convenient if you have to work a lot and several applications are constantly running.

As practice shows - the original Windows 11 Enterprise is a really powerful toolkit that was originally framed in the "Pro" edition, and after that, supplemented with unique: functions, applications, programs, principles of operation and many others that actually work well.

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2023-12-13 14:17:14
Продавец отзывчивый. Отвечает на вопросы оперативно.
2023-08-26 04:36:56
Активация прошла успешна всем рекомендую соотншонения цена/качество на 5+
2023-03-22 20:58:23
Покупаю софт уже несколько лет, все регается сразу без проблем, рекомендую Продавцу респект.
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