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If you are the same PC user who needs an operating system designed for use only in an educational environment, then it is best for you to buy a Windows 11 Education key in our online store. The uniqueness of this product lies on the surface, since it does not have any hidden options, but provides its users with maximum openness and accessibility in terms of using the OS working environment. This principle of system functioning is necessary for those who will learn to use various devices and, as a result, will try to study the structure of Windows 11 available to them from beginning to end.

Windows 11 Education is for learning only

The construction of this operating system was carried out by the developers in such a way that the OS could be used by computer training users, but at the same time, there is one nuance here that completely indicates who can use this system, and who should pass it by:

  • Students of various educational institutions can easily use this software with all its working options. Perhaps this is the moment when the program is primarily aimed at children and adolescents, rather than at someone else;
  • Teachers and teachers of educational institutions can use this software without any problems, there will also be no restrictions in terms of using the operating system. In fact, a person who is a teacher gets the opportunity without any problems to buy Windows 11 for educational institutions and use it in his professional field of activity;
  • Educational institutions: schools, colleges, universities, vocational schools and other educational institutions can use this software without problems. Here, there are also no restrictions for the operating system to be used by different users, but you need to understand that each educational institution has its own rules and for this reason, it is possible that the IT specialist responsible for their compliance will disable some software tools.

Thus, it becomes clear that the operating system in this edition is aimed specifically at places related to training and at users who are directly related to these places. The use of this software by those who do not fall under the above categories certainly takes place, but it will be a slight violation of the license agreement between the buyer and Microsoft Corporation.

The Uniqueness of Windows 11 Education

Like all operating systems of the Windows 11 line, this one has its own unique facets, which, in fact, make this software better, due to which, various users so often acquire this unique system. Among the most obvious advantages , it is worth highlighting:

  • Reasonable price. The licensed Windows 11 Education key will be able to give the user enough to work comfortably at a PC, but at the same time, its cost is not critical;
  • Accessibility for any user. Regardless of what physical capabilities a person uses this OS with, he will enjoy it anyway, since the system can adapt to any user;
  • Powerful protective equipment. Here you can find really powerful pre-installed tools to protect the system. This is done for the reason that the device is most often used by those who are studying and as a result, it needs to be protected programmatically to the maximum;
  • The ability to use gaming applications. In fact, the developer company does not forbid doing this in such an exclusive software environment, as it believes that in addition to the fact that the user should study, he should also be able to rest. And for most, entertainment and recreation is an immersion in the virtual universe;
  • Availability of entertainment applications. In fact, users will be able to use quite a large number of entertainment applications of absolutely any subject and any direction, which is very convenient if you want to: draw, listen to music or do something else;
  • New Start menu. Do not forget that Windows 11 for education is deprived of the "old" version of the Start menu and has a new version at its disposal. It is very convenient to use such an innovation, although at first glance it seems that this is a very impractical addition. Here, you will always have access to those applications or files in "quick access" that you use most often;
  • The ability to manage windows. Often, it happens that an already well-known person with a computer cannot correctly position working windows, and a beginner even more so does not cope with this and due to this, it becomes not convenient to work or study. Moreover, there will be no such problem, since now there is a new option - Snap assist, which allows you to place several open working windows in one click the way you need it;
  • Exclusive video privacy. It will give you the opportunity in a moment: to turn on or off the microphone, blur the background or suppress unnecessary household noises. All this happens automatically – when you press one button;
  • It is possible to share information live. Another addition aimed at those who most often broadcast and communicate online. The option will allow you to highlight some information in one click - right during the broadcast - for example, a window with a video and demonstrate it to your colleagues;
  • Automation of your work. A new level in work or training in Win 11 Education thanks to Power Automate for desktop. It makes it possible to perform a couple of clicks and arrange tasks in such a way that the most important ones are "in the foreground", and the less important ones are "in the background". It is very convenient if the user does not yet know how to properly distribute tasks on the "Desktop";
  • Microsoft 365. Another highlight in this OS, which can also be available to you here, but provided that you have a Microsoft 365 corporate subscription. This is especially true for those educational institutions where such supplements are always provided to students and teachers free of charge.

For sure, many users will like this kind of operating system, since it has nothing repulsive, but offers a fairly extensive range of positive aspects, many of which are really convenient to use in everyday work. In addition, the system itself does not have any kind of obsession, but gives users almost complete freedom, and in places where it does not exist, at least everything is aimed at automation.

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