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Windows 10 Pro for WorkStations

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Previously, Microsoft repeatedly made various attempts to create a full-fledged workstation on its own, which could work confidently and be subjected to enormous loads, but unfortunately, not something that at the moment you can offer Windows 10 Pro for WorkStations created did not have. That's why, for most of you, the optimal solution for acquiring a high-quality licensed software will be Windows 10 Pro for Workstations Keys, since only with its help you will have several more extended borders with the software security and workstations.

Why the revision of Windows 10 Pro for WorkStations, and not something else?

      • Actually, it's really an innovative product that can prove to everyone who works with it, that with its help the management of the most powerful workstations and server systems can reach a new working level, which you have not yet had. It is thanks to the updated working capabilities that the OS itself has the ability to interact with working equipment by 100%, provided that the equipment class is directly related to the "high-end". It is also not possible to ignore and support the server processes related to the latest generation: "Intel Xeon" and "AMD Opteron".
      • There is a place to be when using this program and multiprocessing, but again, while it is possible to use no more than two CPUs, but according to the developers, in the near future, a full update of the system will occur, which will increase the above-mentioned rates several times. In addition, the use of RAM is also very important, since this time you can use no more than 2 TB, but with future updates, the maximum allowed memory capacity is 6 TB.
      • If you decide Windows 10 Pro for Workstations to buy this time, you can also note for yourself that the support for the file system "Resilient File System" appeared in it. It is due to this file system, the storage of your data, becomes more secure in many senses of the word. In addition, this file system was not without integration, which affects the technology of virtual storage media called "Storage Spaces". Thanks to Storage Spaces, you can also use "mirroring" and "combining" several physical media at once, which is quite practical within the framework of 1 computer or using the network. Well, and as a very nice and useful bonus is the use of "mirroring" in order to search and fix bad copies of files that may violate the integrity of your system.
      • Also, an important point in using this OS is that it can use the hybrid memory of NVDIMM-N, which can combine DRAM and NAND. This is another very practical method of recovering files on condition of power failure, you can always quickly launch NAND to restore lost data to DRAM.
      • It was not without the component currently used at the moment, like SMB Direct, which can use network adapters where there is a function of remote access to memory that is directly related to RDMA. Thus, you will be able to run all network adapters with RDMA at full speed, but at the same time, the delay will be so minimal that you will not even notice it, and the CPU consumption at that moment will be just as minimal.

Of course, it's possible to say that the code from Windows 10 Pro for Workstation can be long enough, but in any case it is worth noting that this program is one of the most innovative products to date. Thanks to this product, your work will really come to a new level, which will give you new working capacities and development prospects, which until recently you certainly did not have.

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2023-03-05 15:33:53
Все супер активировалос
2022-05-30 10:11:49
Все активировалось без проблем!
2021-11-20 19:33:45
Винда топ! поддерживается более лучшая файловая система. Активация без проблем!
2021-07-14 19:31:57
Спасибо, активация прошла успешно.
2020-12-04 16:38:26
Всё супер, ключи приходят мгновено на почту, всем рекомендую, я сам брал и не раз!
2020-11-13 16:56:38
Как и всегда, хорошо
2020-09-18 18:29:59
Устаноаил. Ура. Спс
2020-09-18 18:27:29
Отлично! Рекомендую
2020-09-18 18:26:11
Очень круто как всегда
2020-09-01 19:07:06
Все отлично. 3х. Поставил все сделал. Спасибо.
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