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Installing a fully working operating system in modern realities should not take place in a “normal mode”, as this time, it is necessary to select such software in the OS, so that it is not only powerful, but also the most modern. That is why we recommend that you turn your attention to a novelty in the niche of the tenth generation of operating systems, namely, on Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 x64 rus.

For those who are not up to date, I would like to clarify that the edition of the Enterprise LTSC system is not the average "ten", which is designed for the average man in the street, but software that was developed for large and medium businesses. Thus, this OS has a number of the following advantages, many of which cannot be challenged:

  • Stable work. The system was specially upgraded and supplemented with numerous stable updates, which made it possible to turn it into an unshakable fortress. Now, Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 is not a big deal, because it can always and everywhere overcome any difficulties that have arisen on the way.
  • The best updates. In order for the system to function at the appropriate level, the developers from MS tried to debug the delivery of updates specifically for this edition in a more individual way. Thus, your program receives not those updates that take place on publicly accessible servers and are distributed in the form “in which they are”, but in the most stable versions. As a result, after installing the update, the number of problems in the system decreases, but not increases, as is often the case in other editions of systems.
  • Improved security system. For the most part, buy Win 10 Enterprise 2019 gathers PC users who think about the security of not only their device, but also the information stored in it. Thus, this niche was very well developed by developers from MS, which made it possible to achieve from the usual means of protection reincarnation into the updated service - “Windows Security”. This allows you to take a completely new look at the protective functions of the system, since they have become many times larger and they have become more multifaceted.
  • Excellent interaction with other OS editions. Touching on this aspect, you should understand that not all PC users have the opportunity to work with this version of the program, which means that you will often have to perform software or other interactions with other OS editions. If earlier, this could cause problems, now, they certainly will not. In addition, there is an additional opportunity to authorize the launch of the Linux shell in Explorer, which further expands the working capabilities of your system.

Of course, the above list of updates that take place in this system is not the end result of many years of work of MS minds, because during the time they spent on their work, quite a lot of things were created that you really shouldn't in use at the computer. It is also worth noting that an important aspect in the development was the fact that the system was not tried to “sharpen”, just for the business sector, but added a huge amount of small things to it, many of which would certainly be useful to the average man in the street, namely:

  • Cloud clipboard. A very simple by modern standards addition, but also very important, since without it, certainly not enough, especially when everything and everywhere tied to interact with the "cloud".
  • Built-in application SwiftKey. It makes it possible to make text input much faster, since you can not type text using the sown keystrokes of the keyboard, and you can just swipe the mouse or mouse cursor over the touch keyboard and thus type text.
  • Dark theme for Explorer. This addition will be more liked by aesthetes who like to experiment with the visual appearance of the system, since now the Explorer will be more "faceted".
  • A massive update of Microsoft Edge. It is not possible to talk about one thing here, since the application was able to receive a huge number of additional updates that affect both the performance of the program and its security.
  • Full Skype update. All used Skype application has been updated and is not simple, but as much as possible, which enabled him to acquire additional functions and become even more stable while conducting a type of communication.
  • Numerous notepad improvements. An application that has been used by all PC users from time immemorial, has finally received additional features to make it even easier to work with. The main, and perhaps most important of all, is the ability to translate Unix / Linux (LF) and Macintosh (CR) strings.
  • Simplified installation of fonts. You no longer need to log in with Administrator rights in order to add a new text, since it is possible to perform this procedure in a user state without any problems.
  • Improved work with mobile networks. If only recently, you might get annoyed that when connecting to mobile networks or setting it up, you didn’t work out the way you want, but now, with this system function, there are no problems at all.

In general, there are a lot of innovations in this OS, buying Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 keys on 3 PC, you almost immediately begin to notice that this edition of the system is definitely not the same as the others. In addition, from the first minutes it seems that the system has a sufficiently large operating potential, which certainly must be disposed of so as to extract the maximum benefit from it.

As a result, Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 on 3 PC is the best operating system that can exist at the moment and without such an OS in modern realities, it is not possible to remain!

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