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The use of a computer in the modern realities of human life – this is nothing more than a necessity, which is constantly subjected to numerous updates and diversified development, since in this area it is simply not possible to stay in one place. It is for this reason that many PC users are constantly striving to be able to use software of a higher level than what they have. That is why, now, most users interested in updating the system component are trying to buy Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 and enjoy the features that are available in this edition of the OS.

What is unique about Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019?

In fact, the uniqueness of this system lies in the fact that initially, the software comes in a more "rare" editors than his colleagues, and all from the fact that "Enterprise LTSC" - this is a program in the face of the operating system, which, in essence, is not designed for the average layman. This system was developed for corporate clients, who are considered to be more demanding on the OS used, which means that there are much more opportunities in: work, use of tools, stability, etc., than their colleagues.

Of course, no one claims that this system should not be installed on your PC if it is at home, but the program should not just be idle. Therefore, if you are a more or less active user, then you will definitely like this version of the software, as it will primarily interest you with the following options:

  • Stability option. In order for the system to minimally annoy corporate clients, it was for this edition of the program that additional functions were developed for the software core that could stabilize it as much as possible. So Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 can be loaded and won't get slower and slower until it stops altogether. The OS will work stably and without fights under any load.
  • Security Option. Here, in general, cardinal changes have taken place compared to other editions OS, since the familiar "Windows Defender" turned into "Windows Security", and she was able to absorb all the options responsible for system controls. In addition, the security level of regular applications has grown and, as a result, now even they are enough to protect your working device from intruders and viruses quite well.
  • Stable updates option. Everyone is familiar with the situation when you downloaded an update, restarted your PC and problems started… The Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 License is different in this regard, because it only receives updates that have been tested and patched several times. Due to such an update plan, the system does not have many problems and can afford to work as stable as possible.

It is clear that the above "options" - this is just an iceberg that hides a very large set of add-ons, but you must admit that even in this form, the system is already quite a tidbit of software that you just want to work with. But it’s also impossible to ignore some additional options that are here, because they will primarily be of interest to those users who like not to delve into the settings and security of the program, but use something simpler and more understandable to them, namely:

  • Dark File Explorer theme. If earlier, you could only use File Explorer in light colors, now you can use it can be made darker and somewhat unique.
  • SwiftKey. Implementing this application will allow you to type text and train the application in parallel - « SwiftKey", which will make typing easier. The work of the built-in software is based on analytical data on the work of the user himself.
  • Screenshot tool. It will now become much easier to take a screenshot and process it , as you will always have the opportunity to use specialized software for this at hand.
  • Acrylic style. In order to give windows a new appearance, an "Acrylic" style has been added that hides window borders and makes windows look wider.
  • Windows Prediction. The system will be able to independently determine the time when it is better to reboot it so that it can perform updates and all kinds of internal cleaning.
  • Skype. In order to communicate in different directions, users are encouraged to use the new edition of Skype for Windows 10. Almost everything has been updated here and as it shows practice, working with such a program is many times easier than it was with its predecessors.
  • Notepad. If you use a lot of "standard" Notepad app, you'll love that it's also been redesigned with more string translation support.
  • Linux in File Explorer. The great news is that now, starting a Linux shell in Explorer is much easier than it was in previous versions of the OS.
  • Diagnostic data. Updated tools that allow you to collect and view diagnostic data. Thanks to this, you can always track the health of your system and its "gaps".
  • Power consumption. Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC has the ability to provide the user with additional information about power consumption through the launcher of the "Task Manager".
  • Hotkeys in Bash. copy and paste hotkeys in Bash are no longer a problem, which means working with this environment will become even easier and faster.
  • Mail. Mail app has become more legible and now completely ignores third-party browsers as it only runs in Microsoft Edge.
  • Microsoft Edge. Got the maximum number of updates , both large and small, which made it even better.

In general, the list of updates and innovations can be listed here almost indefinitely, since "Enterprise LTSC 2019" is an operating system of a whole new level. That is why, those users who strive to use all the latest in order to keep up with innovative software development technologies are already working with this program, which we actually advise you.

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Отзывы наших покупателей
2023-08-16 15:42:31
все супер. продавец помог с активацией все работает!
2023-04-25 12:51:45
Спасибо! Активация по телефону.
2023-04-20 01:35:28
Активация прошла, по телефону.
2023-04-03 20:17:39
Всё отлично, заказываю у данного продавца не первый раз. Рекомендую.
2023-03-18 16:55:32
Активация прошла. Всё хорошо
2023-03-15 19:18:34
всё отлично
2023-02-24 20:55:25
Ну, в принципе всё прошло удачно, винду активировал, что кстати несколько заморочно делать через телефон, но главное всё работает. Спасибо!
2022-09-19 18:04:19
Спасибо все работает;))
2021-09-08 01:50:17
Все работает спасибо
2021-08-26 18:00:54
Всё отлично спасибо большое!!!
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