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Windows 10 electronic license

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Windows 10 electronic license

In recent years, more and more real stores have switched to trading in virial space and this is certainly a huge plus, as many moments that have recently restricted the buyer from making the purchase that he needs are now easily overcome. That's only against the background of all these positive sides, and there remains a huge army of buyers who have not yet made more than one purchase on the Internet because they are afraid of doing it. Of course, one of the readers of this article may find it rather strange that someone does not buy goods on the Internet, but in fact, that's the way it is and you need to do something about it... It is for this reason, Today we would like to tell you what the Windows 10 electronic license really is, since the purchase of this software should surely please you because of its innovative and progressive appearance, which is not available in the near future. Time will not be one operating system.

What are the advantages of buying an e-license for Windows 10?

  • The undeniable advantage of this purchase is that it can be purchased by you where it is convenient and at the time you want to do it, because for the online store where you are going to do it, there is no time frame for the work. Thus, making a purchase, for example, on, allows you to save a lot of time at times, since you do not have to think about having to make it to the store before closing it.
  • In addition, another great advantage of buying an electronic key on the Internet is that in such stores there are almost no situations that the goods have ended. Thus, you in 99% will find on the counter virtual trading platform what you need. Of course, we can not exclude the situation that the goods may end, but here the virtual platform also wins before the real one, as the receipt of a new product at it occurs many times faster.
  • Of course, it's also possible to ignore the fact that the Windows 10 electronic license in the store on the Internet will be much cheaper than in the real one. Moreover, the price will differ from store to store several times, and everything from the fact that in a real shop you have to overpay for: a box, DVD-ROM, instructions, advice, transportation, storage, work of consultants, etc., and in a virtual store, The price of the key consists of direct deliveries from Microsoft to the distributor's site. Thus, do not overpay several thousand rubles for software - it's times more profitable than paying for what you will not need in the future.
  • The warranty period of service also plays an important role, because with it, you can always be sure that your purchase in the person of software that has ceased to work not through your fault can be instantly replaced by something of the same value. But in a real shop, you do not have someone who will not go to the meeting, because there first of all they will say that the box you bought with the key was used only by you, and consequently, there can not be any failures, although in fact they are not rare The situation when Microsoft servers hang or they are attacked by viruses, which, in fact, lead to problems with Windows 10 from ordinary users.

What should I do if I can not choose the version of Win 10 on my own?

In this case, when you buy in a virtual store, you'd better consult a consultant and tell him as much as possible what exactly you intend to do at the computer. As soon as the consultant receives from you the information necessary for reflection and comparison of facts, he will immediately offer you the most optimal version of the operating system version, which is ideal for you. In addition, in such cases, the consultant can inform you about the promotions and the reduction in the price of specific products, which will allow you to buy at a minimum price not only the operating system, but also a variety of auxiliary software in the work, if you really need it.

How can I not send money to scammers when buying software from Microsoft?

Everything is elementary here, since you just need to pay attention to the little things:

  • How does the online store look like in which you are going to purchase the activation key for Win 10. If the store is full of a lot of goods and each product is located in its section, and there is a description of each product, it means that the site was created not for one day.
  • Every self-respecting online store has a lot of positive feedback, which in fact can be replaced on the pages of, where day after day there are reviews of grateful customers who have been cooperating with us for more than a year. We also note that the comments should be such that they can not be edited - in our case, all the comments added are located on the service through which the customer makes his purchase, and therefore such comments are not as impossible to forge.
  • You can not make purchases on those resources that do not have a feedback form: chat support, mobile phone, icq, e-mail and etc. It's clear that there can not be 10 feedback options in one online store, but at least 3-5 should definitely be present.
  • Also, when making a purchase, pay attention to the "merchant status" of the seller, since he must necessarily be "certified" if the purchase is made through the use of electronic wallet.

How long does it take for an e-license for Windows 10?

In fact, the Windows 10 electronic license can run for an infinitely long time, as there are no restrictions whatsoever on its use. The only thing that can limit the time you use purchased in the product is the Microsoft license agreement, which can force you to switch from a "dozen" to a more recent version of the operating system, or you may be unaware of it, or maybe specifically, violate the license agreement Between the user and the company developer. That's only in these cases, the duration of your purchase will be limited, in all other situations, everything will work as long as it is possible!

We hope that you have concluded that buying an electronic license for software in online stores is possible and even necessary, but it is only necessary to do this on trusted sites that exist for more than one year and can offer all their clients a lot of evidence that this is not a fraudulent site, But a full-fledged Internet resource that functions in order to provide everyone with the opportunity to buy license keys Windows at times cheaper than anywhere else it was!

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