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Search Tools in Windows 10

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Search Tools in Windows 10

Search Tools in Windows 10 is one of the most important elements of the operating system, and everything from the fact that with its help, any user has the opportunity to get a full answer to almost any question. That's only despite the fact that the above function is quite practical and unique in its own way, few of the users of the PC fully use it during their work, and all from the fact that many believe that the "top ten" is still the same "Search ", Which was in earlier versions of the OS, although in fact, everything is completely different.

Simple answers to complex questions in Windows 10

Suppose you are interested in a question, in order to find an answer to it, you use a search string that is located on the Taskbar. Click on the search box, after which, start entering the question you are interested in. Pay attention to the fact that it is best to specify your question in several words. You do not have to write the question completely, the more so, put a question mark or some other punctuation marks, just enter briefly: "sleep mode", "sound setting", "power settings" and so on.

In some cases, you can generally reduce your questions to one word: "dream", "saver", "hibernation", "delete" and so on.

With any choice of search queries, you can get a fairly complete response from the system, so do not be afraid to experiment with words and phrases.

Search your files in Windows 10

In this case, you should use the same search string, but only when entering a specific search query, you have to slightly expand the search settings by selecting the search item "My files and data". This step allows you to search Windows 10 not in your own database of answers to questions, but scan all your files in order to offer the most suitable results: video, photos, documents, etc.

Quick responses in Windows 10

Search tools in Windows 10 have the ability to give the user the so-called "quick answers", this phrase implies the system's output of a full answer to those questions that PC users are asked most often. On such questions, it is usually understood, something from the following: "How to change the background of the desktop?" "How to delete the browsing history in the browser?" And so on. Function in its very convenient, but to some extent has limitations, as not all questions the system can give very full answers.

Internet replies in Windows 10

These are additional features of the operating system that are provided to the user of the PC at a time when the system does not understand what is required of it or the question is too long. In this case, the OS will send you to the Internet, where it is possible to use the search for "Bing" or directly contact the support service

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