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Windows 10 S

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This time, in order to be able to work with high-quality software, you do not need to take any global actions for your part, because you can always buy a license key for Windows 10 S and enjoy working with this edition operating system, even though it has some operational and functional limitations on its part:

  • I just want to note that it's not even worth thinking about using this OS in some sort of specialized directions, since it has rather large limitations in terms of installing third-party software. By "big restrictions", we mean not the ability to install software into the system, which is taken outside of the Microsoft Store. Thus, if you are trying to install third-party software, this installation attempt will be stopped automatically and you will be prompted to use a similar program for the feature set, but only from Microsoft Store.
  • I would also like to note the work of the browser in this system, since here only the Microsoft Edge is preinstalled, which under no circumstances will not be possible to remove or install in its replacement some third-party program that could allow the user to use it by default. Of course, the Microsoft Store will give you the opportunity to install another browser in the OS, but again, it is worth noting that it will be developed only by the developer of the OS.
  • In addition to using the browser, it's also possible to ignore the work of the search engines, since all of them will work as before, but by default, only Bing will be used. There also will not be anything to reconfigure, in any situation, Bing will work by default, and all the other search engines you will have to use in manual mode.
  • For some reason, the license key key Windows 10 S does not allow you to use local connection to the domain, because here it is considered that it is not secure, that's why the developers offered to use the Azure AD domain.
  • Also, in terms of security, data encryption has been redesigned, which is now hidden behind Bitlocker. It is also a newfangled security system that is designed to surpass all of its predecessors.

Having read all of the above, many of you immediately state that with such an operating system they certainly do not want to have a business and from a part they will be wrong, since all the above items are in fact minuses for the vast majority of PC users, but there are pluses that are also worthy of your attention:

  • The biggest plus that can sweep all the above-mentioned working minuses at once is the price of the program, because you will agree that there is nothing like this at this price, you certainly will not when and where not to get it, especially if you make an amendment to the fact, that this is a "dozen" and it is now a modern operating system.
  • The speed of the OS is just as impressive, because due to its limitations and some kind of austerity in terms of the ability to install applications into the application, it works quite well and can do it really fast. The speed of the work will be appreciated by those of you who like computer games or work with different programs where the speed of the software response is important.
  • The appearance of the OS you definitely will be pleased, since it is entirely built on the basis of the editorial "Pro", which does not distinguish both these versions of the software during use and in the visual perception.
  • OS security is simply amazing, as it is built on the basis of Education, which allows you to state with full confidence that all your data will be under the most reliable protection that only can be in the operating system today.

In addition, once you use the activation key of Windows 10 S, you will be able to notice for yourself a lot of positive nuances during the operation of this software and it will definitely not leave you indifferent. So, be ready to use this program day after day and enjoy its working capabilities, which though have partial limitations, but not so much critical and colossal, to have the desire to give up software of this level and at such a ridiculous price.

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Отзывы наших покупателей
2019-06-29 12:07:03
ключ левый,не активируется
Запросили скриншоты доказательства , покупатель проигнорировал и пишет жалобу
2019-05-10 22:07:26
С первым ключом активация не прошла. Служба поддержки прислала на замену второй , с которым нормально прошла активация.
2018-10-29 19:55:42
Решаем проблему с продавцом
Код работает у покупает не Windows 10 S
2018-03-31 11:41:04
Предоставили свой образ W10S, все заработало с первого раза. Все быстро, оперативно ответили. Большое спасибо!
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