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Outlook Search does not work

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Outlook Search does not work

Today, we'll tell you how to be in a situation where Outlook Search does not work, because quite a large number of PC users have faced this problem before, continue to face it this hour and most likely will be with it to collide for a very, very long time. Just to reduce your problems and save a bunch of nerve cells, today we will try to tell you simply about what needs to be done in Outlook to restore the work of its search without completely reinstalling the entire Microsoft Office program.

The method described by us, which you will learn below, is aimed at reducing the time lost in order to cope with the above problem and to give an opportunity to all who encounter it, once and for all to deal with its many nuances.

Please note that all manipulations with the Outlook application will have to be performed manually, so be prepared for this!

At the initial stage of recovery, you will need to access the application settings, where you must select the "Search" first and then click on "Indexing Parameters".

It happens that the "Indexing parameters" button from the previous step, not active, in this case, it is necessary to enable the disabled "Windows Search" service. You start the service using the Service Management snap-in and only after that, you can continue to configure Outlook, where you will open a new window before you, and you will be able to click on the "Change" button.

Now, turn off the indexing of Microsoft Outlook by simply unchecking the box opposite the item of the same name.

A new action for you should be to save the changes made to the application and check the "Task Manager", where there should not be one "outlook.exe" functioning process.

Go to the launch of the application, through the main menu "File" you will have to click on "Account Settings" and from there, go to "Account Settings.

A new dialog box will give you the option to click on the "Data Files" tab, where there is one or more files with the extension "OST" or "PST".

In the "Additional attributes" window, check the box "Permit to index the contents of this file...".

Once again we save the changes made to the applications and start indexing in Outlook, everything is done exactly as before, but only this time you do not uncheck the item "Microsoft Outlook", but, on the contrary, put a tick.

Only now, it will be possible to try to test the operation of the application and if Outlook Search does not work, then it's worth trying to rebuild the index. In order to rebuild the index, click on "Change" and go to the "Rebuild" tab

So it happens that rebuilding the index also does not help, in that case, it's worth pissing on the "PST" file, which may be corrupted.

In order to check the "PST" file for operation, it is necessary to use the pre-installed utility called "scanpst.exe", which can always be found here: "% PROGRAMFILES% \ Microsoft Office \ Office [Client version number]".

Please note that in the edition of Outlook 2013 the utility can be found not by the above path, but here: "% PROGRAMFILES% \ Microsoft Office 15 \ root \ office15".

You need to shut down the mail client completely and double click the mouse to launch the executable file "scanpst.exe", and after that, simply specify the path to the file "OST" or "PST", then click on the "Start" button .

If the scan ends with a message that the utility has found an error, then it will prompt you to fix it by yourself, which you actually have to agree with.

After the end of all the above processes, you can forget once and for all that Search in Outlook does not work, since now, it will function fully and always in all situations.

Of course, there are situations when there is a recurring failure, but there is nothing left to do and you will have to do the entire operation from start to finish, again, until your Windows operating system starts functioning as you need.

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