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Новый домен – новые возможности!

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Новый домен – новые возможности!

We are pleased to inform you that finally what we have been waiting for so long finally happened - we “moved” to the new domain!!!

Of course, someone from those who hit the pages of our online resource is not entirely clear: “Why did we launch a new domain...?” And in part, this is for the reason that they are simply not familiar with the concept of our work. of the project... The administration constantly ensures that this resource is developed and brings to life not only bright emotions, but also the opportunity to constantly receive high-quality - licensed software at the lowest prices in the vast RU-Neta . But there are such situations when it comes such a moment that the development of a particular site practically stops, and everything comes from the fact that there is no more opportunity to develop even bigger and bigger... And that's what happened with this project, over the years of its existence, it could become one of the most high-quality and sought-after sites where licensed software is distributed, but at the same time, many of its development aspects are outdated, both morally and functionally. This is what prompted us to launch an updated version of the site with a more convenient domain -

The concept of the new project will allow:

  • To expand the range of products to almost unlimited quantities.
  • Increase the speed of response of the domain name and proxy servers.
  • Make the work of your usual site, but in an updated look more stable.
  • Constantly add innovations and innovations to the site.
  • Increase the security of your purchases.
  • Increase the bandwidth of users of the site per minute.

In general, a new domain is in its essence a former site, but only with refined functionality, which, for certain, will be perceived by both new and old potential clients from the best side.

What will happen to the old domain

It, as before, will function and with its help, you will be able to make all the same purchases that you made earlier in “normal mode”. So, do not worry about the fact that your favorite site with a huge amount of software will soon cease to function!

The administration hopes that the new project will be perceived by you no worse

than its predecessor, because we are doing everything so that each of our

clients remains as happy as possible when making purchases !!!

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