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Windows 11 Home
47 отзывов
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Office 2021 Home and Business for Mac
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Windows 11 Professional
105 отзывов
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Windows 11 Education
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Windows 11 Enterprise 3PC
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Windows 10 Professional
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Windows 10 Home
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Windows 10 Pro + Office 2019 ProPlus
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Windows 10 Home + Office 2019 ProPlus
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Microsoft Office 2019 Pro Plus for 1 PC
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Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2021 with binding
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Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2021 for 1 PC
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Отзывы наших покупателей
22.05.2024 Skreenshot Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard
всё работает.очень быстро пришло.
21.05.2024 Windows 11 Professional
Да, все отлично! Хотел поднять с лицензионной Винды 11 Hom до Pro. Но здесь прямой инструкции не где нет, купил ключ, сделал как прописано в инете но не зашло.... Обратился к продавцу, скинул ему скрины которые он по проcил, потом он прислал инструкцию и ВУАЛЯ, теперь 11 Pro!!!
21.05.2024 Windows 7 Home Basic
Приобрел Windows 7 Home Basic x32. Прекрасно подходит для старенького слабенького компьютера. Гладко стала и активировалась согласно инструкциям продавца. Продавец внимателен к клиентам. Рекомендую.

About Store

We are glad to welcome you on the site NM-STORE.ORG!
If you are on the pages of our site, it means that you are interested in high-quality - licensed software that really works and brings pleasure to all users of PCs, and does not irritate with constant bugs and jambs, which are so much for "gray software" distributed free of charge By means of the Internet.
Surely, you already had time to look around here and you certainly interested in our online store, which offers some of the lowest prices for license keys for windows and various antiviruses. Accordingly, you are interested in the issue of purchasing licensed software, but you certainly doubt whether to make your purchase from us in the store. It is for this reason that we decided immediately on the first page of our online store to tell you about the advantages and advantages that our resource has compared to its similar resources.

Why do we have such low prices for license activation keys?
One of the biggest advantages of our online resource is that we offer all buyers very loyal prices for any products that we sell. Of course, it may seem strange that in some cases, we have license keys cheaper than other sites with similar software, but as it were there, but only we have the ability to purchase licensed keys from their manufacturers in fairly large quantities. In addition, we have the opportunity to cooperate with different software vendors, which, thanks to even greater quantities of purchases, allow us to sell licensed products by several orders of magnitude lower than on the pages of other Internet resources.

How can I check if I can purchase a license key?
For example, you decided to buy Windows license and doubt that you will be able to pay for your purchase or are worried that after you pay the key, you will not receive it. In this case, it is best for you to use the "TEST PURCHASE", where you spend only 1 ruble, you can visually see how the whole process of buying goods on our website proceeds from the beginning to the very end.

Why about us on the Internet only positive reviews?
Surely, you already noticed that on the Internet and in particular on our site, you can see quite a lot of positive feedback, but there are no negative ones at all. It's clear, it can embarrass you... But it seems to us, you do not have to worry, because the feedback system is modeled in such a way that the response can be left only by the one who bought from us license keys for activation , And since all who made our purchase remained satisfied, then the feedback is only positive.
It is very important to note the point that we do not have the opportunity to moderate reviews, since the feedback from grateful users is initially written only on the pages of the payment system through which the purchase was made, and therefore our resource does not have any relation to the administration of this site and as a consequence , We are not able to influence the leaving of positive or negative feedback about purchases.

Why is it profitable to cooperate with us and buy license keys from us?
Thanks to the fact that we have been working in the market for software sales for several years, we were able to model a flexible system of discounts for regular customers and have the opportunity to conduct permanent promotions that enable any potential customer to receive an excellent discount or additional software in practice For nothing.
In addition, do not forget that the list of products we offer is quite extensive, since we have the opportunity to offer you:

  • - Operating systems for PC (different versions and different editions).
  • - License keys for antiviruses of the most widespread and frequently used brands all over the world.
  • - Full-fledged packages of Microsoft Office (various years of editions and various editions).
  • - Powerful packages of Microsoft Project (various years of editions and various editions).
  • - There are many additional software that you will surely like.

Why do we give guarantees for the activation keys we acquired?
Guarantees for activation keys, we give for the reason that there are different situations in life and for example, for every 300-500 activations, there is at least 1 failure, which is the reason for the incorrect operation of the system by Microsoft or other software update servers. In this situation, the user can stay both without money and without software, which is why we decided to introduce a "loyalty" program for our customers who may not feel the whole warranty period of service because they might have some kind of " Then failure is not their fault, because in any situation, we will try to help anyone who addresses us with this kind of problem, because for us the reputation and positive feedback from any client is the highest reward!

We hope that now, you understand exactly how our online store works and what undeniable advantages it has over other internet sites that are engaged in similar trade, but do not have the opportunity to offer half of what we give to each our client!

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