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INF driver for Windows 11

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INF driver for Windows 11

It happens that the user connects some device to his PC, and the system "does not see" it for the reason of the lack of a driver. At such moments, it is necessary to understand that you need to first of all search for the necessary driver on the Internet. There would be nothing, but it happens that the driver is found and according to the description, it should be ideally suited for use, but it does not have an "installer" - most often, this is what the ZIP archive looks like in which the INF driver for Windows 11 is located. And that's where the most interesting thing begins… Some of the users immediately refuses any actions in order to somehow interact with such a driver, and someone solves the problem in a couple of minutes…

How to install INF driver in Windows 11?

We simulate a situation in which you have downloaded the ZIP archive in which the driver is located, but it does not have an automatic installation function - there are several files that are not actually how not to open and install.

In fact, you need to perform several steps in order for the INF file to be installed, everything is as simple and accessible as possible:

  • Open the "Task Manager" - this is done by hovering the mouse cursor over the "Start" menu and clicking the right mouse button, after which the appropriate option for the system action is selected.
  • When the "device manager" opens, find in the list of devices the one that needs to install the driver and right-click on it → a small context menu opens where you will need to select "Update driver".

  • In the newly opened window, you will have to select ""Find drivers on this computer".

  • In the next window, you need to select the path to the INF file using the "Browse" button → it remains to click on "Next".

If the INF driver for Windows 11 that you tried to install is suitable, it will be fully installed and you will not have to take any more actions. If the driver does not fit your device, then you will be notified about it.

In fact, this procedure takes very little time and each user can cope with this task, which will eventually allow to revive the "unknown" device and allow it to be fully used for a long time.

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