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How to exit Safe Mode in Windows 11?

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How to exit Safe Mode in Windows 11?

If you are wondering - How to exit safe mode in Windows 11? So, you are trapped in a situation in which an operating system that is not working properly decided to fail and as a result, it hung up at the very moment when the device was in the so-called "Safe Mode".

In the situation described above, there is nothing more than natural, since such OS failures occur with enviable regularity and there is nothing you can do about it, but you need to understand that you can get out of almost any problem without reinstalling the system, although many users think completely differently…

Exiting Safe mode in Windows 11 by restarting the device

  • Perhaps this is the most banal hint of all that can be given to a user who is faced with a problem. Here, as you may have already understood, everything rests on the fact that if you have the opportunity to get to the "Shutdown" / "Reboot" buttons. If a problem occurs on a stationary PC, then there is a specialized "Reboot" button and you can use it. But if the problem occurred on a laptop, then you should use the "Start" button to try to call the appropriate menu, if this method did not help, then press the laptop power button and do not release it exactly until an emergency shutdown of the laptop occurs.

Exiting safe mode in Windows 11 by changing the boot parameters, which are located in the system configuration window

  • You need to understand that this method is not suitable in all situations, but in any case, it's worth trying: simultaneously press – Win+R → enter the command – msconfig → click on "Ok" → click on "Enter" → the "System Configuration" window should open in front of you → go to the tab "Download" → uncheck the box next to "Safe mode" for the current operating system → click on "Ok" again → confirm that you need to restart the device.

If everything is done correctly and there are no more failures in the OS, then after restarting Windows 11, you will see that everything is fully working – exactly the same as before.

Disabling the safe mode in Windows 11 by means of the command line

  • This method is more powerful compared to the previous one: simultaneously click on – Win+R → enter the command – cmd (you must do this with administrator rights) → click on "Enter" → a "Command prompt" opens in front of you, in which we write the command - bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot → click on "Enter" → waiting for the message to appear that "Operation completed successfully". It remains to close the "Command line" → reboot the device.

As in the previous time, if everything is done correctly, then you will notice that your device has started to boot without problems, which means there is nothing else to do.

Disabling booting safe mode in Windows 11 via EasyBCD

In this manual, in order to exit safe mode in Windows 11, you will have to use third–party software - this is certainly not always acceptable, but what can you do if there are no other options… We will use free software in the form of EasyBCD.

  • The log of actions is as follows: download the EasyBCD utility from the official website → launch the utility and go to "Advanced Settings" → check the "Operating system selection" field and make sure that the OS we want to configure is selected → go to the "Advanced" tab in the item called "Safe Mode" → select the option "Normal" → click on "Save" → close the utility → restart the device.

After the above manipulations, the problem with safe mode in Windows should disappear, since all currently known methods have been taken to solve it.

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