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Buying a Windows 10 Key

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Buying a Windows 10 Key

Increasingly, PC users are starting to think about buying high-quality software, and everything from the fact that every day, with their relatives, friends, colleagues, colleagues and many others, there are all kinds of situations that show, That "gray" software is not the best solution for high-quality work at the computer. It is for this reason that buying a Windows 10 key and is becoming an increasingly important topic every day, because every person begins to feel the great responsibility that lies with the use of a computer or laptop, and at the same time There is some danger with the use of a rather questionable software.

How and where is it better to buy Windows 10 keys?

Buying a license key for Win 10 task to date is not very simple, but everything from the fact that it has a sufficient number of points that just do not push experienced PC users away from making their purchase. It is for this and it is worth trying to figure out which trading platforms should be chosen to make this kind of purchase and how not to fall for the swindler's tricks when making their first purchase. Below, we present a list of potential places where you can purchase an activation key for the operating system and remain as pleased with your purchase, and be completely disappointed with it.

  • Real electronics stores. Practically in every city where there is an electronics store, it is possible to purchase an activation key for the OS you need. It should be noted right away that in such stores you have the opportunity to see the product you purchased personally, but it is worth considering that it is in such stores that the price of the goods sold by them can be increased several times. It's clear that if you have a good salary and you have the opportunity to spend on software, at least 5000-15000 rubles. Per month, then this option for buying the activation key for the OS is for you.
  • Online stores of the above-mentioned real shops. Just do not think that when you make a purchase in all the famous stores through the Internet, you can save! In fact, the prices that are in real shops, that in their Internet project are practically not different, and if there are differences, they are so minimal that the price differs by only 10-100 rubles. And nothing more.
  • Internet shops "one-day". Under the word "one-day, we mean not completely understandable online stores that appeared on the Internet just" yesterday "and already" today ", say that they have been working for several years. By the way, most of these sites are engaged in fraudulent activities, which ultimately leads to the fact that not what the unsuspecting user of the PC sees the price for a key to activate the operating system of the tenth generation of 100-500 rubles. And immediately makes a purchase, after which there is nothing to receive, and such a resource for a few days disappears just as rapidly from the Internet, as it appears there. This variant of purchases is suitable only for those users who are accustomed to take risks and are ready to lose their money, having made another purchase, it is not clear where.
  • Online stores that have many years of experience in the software market, and thus earned a tremendous amount of trust from users who make purchases in them due to the quality of their casing. Such resources can be attributed to, since this Internet project currently occupies a leading place among similar resources for the sale of licensed software at the most affordable prices for people, but at the same time guarantees the quality of each license key Activation.

What first of all to pay attention to when buying a Windows 10 activation key on the Internet?

  • If you are really interested in buying a Windows 10 key via the Internet, then you better not be led to various bright designs of online stores. Do not think that if the site is full of different beautiful blocks, bright pages and the most notable advertisement with the inscriptions: "Only today, the price of Windows 10 is reduced by 80%...", etc., that this is a high-quality Internet project, because often Look fraudulent projects.
  • Pay attention to the small details, because every high-quality online store that cares about "getting over" positive feedback, strives to be able to communicate day by day with its customers, and therefore, it has a "form of feedback ", Which looks like: mobile phone, e-mail mail, icq, a group in contact and etc. It turns out that the more different opportunities to contact the administration of the resource, the more likely it is that you will not be thrown on the money.
  • Do not miss the countless reviews on the sites on which you want to make a purchase. It is important to understand that if a user has the opportunity to leave a comment, then it is very strange, but if this option is available only to those who make a purchase, it says that the winding up of such feedback from the administration of the online store is reduced practically To zero. Also, it is worth paying attention to the fact that comments can be left by users who made a purchase of a product in an online store first of all only on the resource through which payment is made, then it is guaranteed that you are not dealing with scammers. This is how, for example, our project works, where the log of actions from the purchase of software by the client looks like this: you, choose the product -> make its payment through a third-party resource to which the administration Our website does not have anything to do with -> after this action, you have the opportunity to leave a review on the resource page through which you made purchases and the same tip will almost immediately appear under the product that you purchased.
  • Can you offer an online store at least some guarantees on the operation of your activation key for the program. If there is a warranty period of support - this indicates that the administration of the resource is constantly in contact with all of its customers. If the period of support is not available, then you should understand that you are not immune from the fact that the key sold to you can be fake.
  • Pay attention to the quantity and quality of the goods sold. In a large online store, everything should be neatly arranged in sections, which allows you to quickly get to those pages of the site that are most interesting to customers and, if necessary, quickly find what they really want. Thus, the client does not find himself in a situation where he has to dig in a pile of goods, which is not enough that it is difficult to see everything, and also the description of these goods does not correspond to reality.

How quickly should the customer receive the purchased Windows 10 activation key?

After making a purchase, the customer should not be in any waiting mode, since he must send money to the store within seconds to receive the purchased goods. If the customer does not receive the purchased product for more than a few minutes, then it is worth considering about the fact that he was deceived by fraudsters. Of course, there are situations related to system failures or problems with the Internet connection, but on a quality Internet resource this kind of problems should be either not noticeable to the buyer or should not appear at all!

I became a victim of scammers when buying Windows 10, what should I do?

If your Windows 10 key purchase was not very successful, then you need to breathe out and relax, because it's too late for you to be nervous, and the worst thing that could happen is already happened... Go and write a statement in The police are worth it, but again, it is necessary to understand that this will take time from you in a few hours, and after that, you most likely will not get anything back, but everything from the fact that you yourself sent money to scammers, and therefore are guilty Themselves. In addition, in this situation, it is not a fact that the account of the fraudster in the bank (even if it is the Savings Bank) will be blocked, and most likely even vice versa...

What conclusion should I make before you decide to purchase Windows 10?

First of all, it is necessary to understand that making a purchase through the Internet for the sake of economy is certainly good, but you should not immediately trust beautiful Internet advertising, but you should include the brain and look more closely at the internet resource where you are going to make your purchase. Also, pay attention to various trifles and if at least something pushes you from making a purchase on a particular site, then it's better not to make this purchase, because sometimes our intuition does not fail us!

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