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Earn with us

Earn money and get bonuses together with

In recent years, it has become quite fashionable to not only make, but to fully conduct its business in a network using a variety of sales and all that is has the ability to generate cash: agent, intermediary, seller, etc. (Call it what you will, the essence of his work does not change). That's our project, I decided to offer everyone an opportunity to earn extra money is not bad and we each purchased product to receive just a great percentage of the profits. In order to become our sales agent does not need to have additional knowledge, enough to have a desire to earn, and aims to increase their profits on a daily basis.

Of course, someone might say that 5-8% - this well is very small, but if you look, and we assume that every day, you have to work a minimum number of times, and can be, and in general do not have, it turns out that this percentage very good. For example, should you sell 1 license antivirus and believe that $ 100 you have in your pocket, and if you will be able to sell per day for at least 3-10 products, on a daily basis, you can earn up to 1000 rubles., But at the same time you do not have to go to work and "work at his uncle"! It is important that the more you work, the more you have satisfied customers who will come back to you over and over again, and you'll turn to receive this additional income.

Who are the agents will work our shop?

Our shop will cooperate with all honest people who do not want to cheat customers, and want to do really fair trade. It does not matter, you are selling goods on the piece, and only once a week, or you are a wholesaler of our products and manage to sell 10-20 keys per day. For any of our agents, we treat the same, but only the remuneration committee will be different for everyone! If you are an agent who sells rare, your commission from the sales will be stable up to 5% of the total sale amount.

If you are a wholesaler of our products, there is no doubt your compensation committee will be more than 8% of total sales! If you want to sell a lot of our products and thus have an even greater percentage of the sold goods, in this case, you should contact the site administrator via the block "Tech. Round the clock support "and explain that you are going to sell and in what quantities. If your idea and the desire to be perceived positively and you actually prove that they can consistently sell a large quantity, you will get additional bonuses and high interest rates for more profit from sales.

Loyalty program

As we constantly strive to distribute bonuses to all its customers, we have introduced a bonus system to encourage those who are actively involved in the development of our project, in this case we are talking about people who, after the purchase is not lazy and leave positive feedback for our store and purchased commodity. Anyone who is not lazy and made after we purchase dare leave your positive feedback, we will as a reward offer a gift certificate equal to 5% discount on your next purchase.

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