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This has already happened that on the part of the greed, but from part of the financial capacity is not sufficient cause to use ordinary PC users are not very good software. The peculiarity of the software, which is not sold through the official representatives of Microsoft is its shocking condition: the removal of some software parts, "Broken program code", "cut" from the original version of the software that according to third parties, it is not necessary, and so. Of course, many and such software seems pretty comfortable and they shut their eyes to a completely non-working programs or functions that seemingly at minimum load - during operation, the computer begins to reboot - to hang. That's the question, but from what you would comrades download licensed Microsoft products? Understandably, this is not the actual purchase in media store information in the form of a disk, but this is not a bad option, since this virtual copy of the same software that you could buy and drive.

Such purchase licensed software, allows you to save money and do with it, not only in financial terms but also in time, since it is not much and not go beyond what is necessary and not all can be downloaded in one place - on our server.

Many of you now may seem that such a simple - to simple, can not be, but believe me,

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this is the only representative to Microsoft, who can you really guarantee quality software images that are no longer where there is no! We do not offer you the downloaded Microsoft software from third-party resources, we suggest you use images licensed programs and operating systems that are 100% identical to the originals. We are not trying to impose on you something or offer to buy a "pig in a poke", though:. Buy license keys for the Windows, purchase a license key for Officei m, we can! Please note that the keys we offer - it is 100% original keys, which are the official check on the official server and have the opportunity to fully update from Microsoft server! And you can offer is someone else besides us ?!

In addition, we still have that download licensed Microsoft products such plan can only have the opportunity to boast that they are not in the same program or image that prisutstvubt on our website, there are not any viruses! But now think about what you offer other resources ... "when installing disable antivirus", "on the program can swear antivirus installation time" and TP. As can be seen, if the program calls during the installation to disable antivirus, so there is something wrong in this case, it is necessary to beware of what your:. Personal data, passwords, e-money, pictures and etc., can simply be stolen from your computer, and then used by third parties. So, if you are not afraid of what your PC can harm you iz-za a program that you have installed on the stupidity with disabled antivirus, then you should use the software "how horrible", but if you are worried about the security of their personal data, it is better not to risk it and use only proven option licensed images from Microsoft programs.

It is also important that the download licensed Microsoft products can each visitor of our project, and then on you do not need not any additional charges. The main thing is that you have free access to what we are willing to give to all, without exception, in order, so that you can appreciate the difference between the image of the program license or license. In any case, at 99%, downloadable software from Microsoft can be used without activation key from 30 to 120 days, and during this time, you will certainly appreciate its charms and the possibility of biting full functioning and performance, which certainly will many times better than the programs and operating systems that you can use before!

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