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For the most part, PC users who tried to find software that is directly related to the server software faced the fact that there is nothing better than the development from Microsoft, there is no software on the market. Of course, the software of this developer has always been at the highest level, but in spite of this, it was in the editorial offices of the server-side programs that most of you and I had occasional problems. That is why, the developers of the company took up a new business and tried to create software that would have the opportunity to work more stably and at the same time, all those who would use it, would be most satisfied with this use. As a result, now, everyone, from us by you, has the opportunity to buy Windows Server 2019, which is completely different from more than one edition of the programs with which you had to work before.

What is the uniqueness of Windows Server 2019 Datacenter?

The program presented to you is a development that has been going on for three years, as evidenced by a sufficiently large number of references in almost all software to software released in the not so distant 2016, but even despite the similarity, software of 2016 and software 2019 Years are completely different working platforms. Among the main differences, it is certainly worth to highlight the following:

  • Server 2019 Datacenter, despite the fact that it is a very large software with numerous operating capabilities, it became much faster to work. More, the program does not freeze and does not “think” for several seconds at those moments when it requires maximum composure and speed of work. Now, the software simply fulfills all your orders and does it extremely quickly.
  • The stability of the 2019 edition also shows better results than its predecessors had. More, you don’t have to think that: “The server program cannot be loaded to the maximum...” Now, you can do everything with it as you prefer, because for her the load is a matter of course. Due to the updated software kernel, the software has become really stable and once again does not cause any problems.
  • Using the “hybrid cloud scenario” is a kind of innovation that allows Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Datacenter to use local and cloud environments in a seamless way. Execution: application synchronization, data backup, the use of artificial intelligence in the cloud and much more, will allow your work not to stop not for a moment, but to constantly perform workflows.
  • The security system has also been updated, which has acquired a completely new look, because now it is built on three components: “Protect”, “Detect” and “Answer”. Due to this, a new control system was introduced, which allows the use of "Screening", and it, in turn, does not allow attackers to take over the entire network without any problems. In the chain of computers, there will always be the “machine” that has its own security key, and it will be available only to the network administrator. In addition, new algorithms for encrypting data transmitted by the network have been introduced. Most of the responsibilities for saving your data and the network as a whole will take on "Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection", since the software has a really huge set of tools not only for monitoring, but also for blocking and, in some cases, eliminating potential hazards.
  • Significant updates were made in the deployment of “containers”, which made it possible to simplify their interaction with the user several times. Also, the environments with deployments of Linux and Windows underwent changes, because earlier, it was not very convenient to work with them, and this time, the Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL) was expanded. Thus, it is possible to authorize the launch of a Linux container side by side with a Windows container.
  • A very cool moment in order to turn your attention to this server program is the fact that now System Center 2019 will fully support Windows Server 2019. And this means that you will no longer have problems in combining these much-needed programs into something holistic and making them work together.
  • Windows Server 2019 license was not badly updated in visual terms either, since the software became more interesting in appearance, but with all this, its main working structure did not undergo major changes. Thus, it is very easy to work with the program, especially if you previously used more recent versions of similar software. If, however, you had no such experience, then in that case, you'll be amazed at how well everything is correctly located and modeled here. The appearance of the workspace allows you to understand that it will be a pleasure to interact with it.

As it seems to us, Windows Server 2019 Datacenter is a very worthwhile investment of money, since software is being developed from a very large future development perspective, which makes it even more desirable, both among professionals and among those who are just starting to comprehend servers and associated software with this, not a simple hardware.

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Отзывы наших покупателей
2023-10-12 12:36:07
Активация прошла успешно
2023-03-17 12:25:17
Все отлично активировалось. Спасибо. Не первый раз пользуюсь услугой этого продавца и всегда все на высоте.
2022-11-16 22:13:14
very good support. thank you every thing.
2022-09-27 20:11:40
Все активировалось, но не быстро.....
2021-12-18 21:16:26
Все ОК. Спасибо за оперативную помощь с активацией.
2021-01-16 22:36:13
Продукт ServerDatacenter2019. Стояла ознакомительная версия с сайта MS. Конвертировал её в полную версию, затем купил ключик. Код пришёл сразу, активировалось без проблем мастером активации через интернет. Всё супер!)
2020-12-28 15:52:40
2020-12-03 00:42:03
Working good
2020-11-06 13:47:39
Заработало всё сразу... Рекомендую!
2020-02-20 16:44:38
Ключ подходит, большое спасибо продавцу.
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