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Windows 7 with Office 2013

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The good news for all customers of our online store is that Microsoft has released a new "package" of software, which contains Windows 7 c Office 2013. Thus, any user who is interested in purchasing the most complete software, with all the additions and unique applications, can realize their need in a matter of seconds by making this purchase and starting using this first-class programs.

Windows 7 Ultimate Functionality

If we consider the "seven" for purchase in the edition of "Ultimate", then it is necessary to clearly realize that this version of the software has much more advanced features than any of its analogues. It is the extended functionality that makes this OS "Maximum" in every sense of the word, which turns seemingly simple software into something more unique and multifaceted. Here are the functionality that will be available to you when you purchase this system:

  • There is an opportunity to use the 64-bit version of the program, which makes it possible to use the extended RAM capabilities, up to 128 GB.
  • There is a "Recovery Center", which reduces the number of problems in the event of system failures and their further elimination.
  • There is an updated "Homegroup" function, which allows you to create groups of users with specific access rights to certain system options. -There is a "Windows Aero", which simplifies the user's work in the system when a large number of windows are open and quick access from one workspace to another is needed.
  • There is the possibility of using multiple monitors. Due to this option, it is possible to expand the visual workspace and make it even more convenient.
  • There is an opportunity to quickly switch between PC users, which is very important if more than one person is working at the computer, but several and everyone has to periodically go through the identification procedure before launching the OS, it's easier to buy Windows 7 Max once and enjoy it.
  • There is a "Multitouch" and updated handwriting recognition. Now, the system understands more clearly what exactly the user is writing.
  • There is a "Windows Media Center", which makes it possible not to use similar players from third-party manufacturers, but to use pre-installed software.
  • There is a "Windows XP Emulator", thanks to which, each user has the opportunity, if necessary, to run the application in an XP environment or to perform any other work in the same environment.
  • There is an EFS data encryption system, which even more competently hides user data from prying eyes.
  • There is an opportunity to use your PC as a server, since you can easily connect to the domain and you have the opportunity to act as a host computer.
  • There are a huge number of applications and functions that allow you to customize the system for yourself, changing its appearance and launching various gaming applications.

Office 2013 Pro Functionality

If buy Office 2013 Professional, as a separate software that is designed to simplify the work of office workers, then it is about this edition that it is imperative to make an explanation that concerns its working capabilities, because there are a huge number of them here. Among the most popular and frequently used applications, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • The Word 2013 application, which is a unique text editor of its kind, which has managed to go beyond the boundaries of the usual understanding for most users of how such a program should work. This software has the ability to work not only with texts, but also with other visual elements: images, links, use various built-in tools in order to make the process of working with yourself much easier and more practical.
  • The Excel 2013 application was able to turn the world of office workers who needed to perform calculations and at the same time use various tables in which data was entered. The uniqueness of this software add-on is also that it has the ability to work with various "hot keys", which activates the "formulas" and increases the speed of work several times.
  • The OneNote 2013 application is not particularly in demand by many PC users exactly until they start using it fully, and everything depends on the fact that it looks like a simple notepad, but in fact, the program has software positioning with a very convenient function to remind about various dates.
  • The Outlook 2013 application allows you to forget about the usual email clients, as it has a more user-friendly interface than any software you know. The uniqueness of this program is that it boasts a high level of correspondence protection and a practical interface, which is not a common occurrence for software of this level.
  • PowerPoint 2013 application with really convenient tools for creating presentations. The software is modeled in such a way that it can quickly make something very beautiful out of not attractive: images, texts, music files, etc. The practicality of this supplement is also in the fact that it not only combines various information particles, but also makes them more beautiful several times.
  • The Publisher 2013 application makes it possible to make the appearance of specific documents more attractive. It is this software that has the ability to turn a blank sheet of paper into a beautifully designed booklet or other document.
  • The Access 2013 application will fit harmoniously enough into your work environment if you use it to write small working applications tied to working with databases.

As you can see, Windows 7 and Office 2013 are quite powerful software that has just a huge number of working applications and, as a result, makes it possible to use itself in completely different fields of activity. Of course, these programs are not for everyone, but it is for those who will work with them that this software will be able to bring a lot of fun and will allow them to look at the world of Windows and Office from a perspective from which they have not seen it yet.

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