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Buy Windows 7 with Office 2016

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Very often, it is much more profitable to buy several programs at once in one "package" than to purchase similar software separately from each other, and there are two reasons here – this is the compatibility of separately purchased software and a reduction in the final price of individual software. That's why, most often, users agree to buy Windows with Office in some of the most popular editions and use this software in the future.

Windows 7 Professional and its advantages

There are an impressive number of different operating systems on the software market, but if you narrow down the range of searches and purchases a little, then involuntarily the view is transferred to the seventh-generation operating systems and here immediately arises a question that affects the choice of a particular edition of the system. If we proceed from the fact that it is most often used by the average, then it is certainly worth highlighting the "Professional" edition, since this is a unique product ready to offer anyone who will work with the "seven" several undeniable advantages:

  • A software environment that is easy to learn and work with. A beginner can easily figure out this system, and an advanced user will not even think about the fact that some new system is in front of him;
  • 64-bit version support. An option that makes it possible to work with a larger number of programs than when using the 32-bit version. Also, it becomes possible to process more extensive amounts of information;
  • There is a pre-installed "Windows Recovery Center". With this option, you can easily restore the OS regardless of what software failure occurred in it.;
  • Support for multiple monitors is also possible if buy Windows 7 Pro x64. This will give you more advanced opportunities for work or entertainment;
  • Updated workspace configuration system - Windows Aero. It will allow you to adjust your OS in such a way that it has the opportunity to visually delight when working in its environment;
  • Launch various media files using "Windows Media Center". A very simple and necessary program that can very often run such media files that other software cannot handle;
  • Creation of personal DVDs using "Windows DVD Maker". Another way to simplify interaction with the system is to create your own media project;
  • "Parental control" available to everyone without exception. Allows in a few clicks to give the child access only to the content that will not harm him;
  • Built-in protection in the form of "Windows Defender" and "Windows Firewall". Pre-installed antivirus applications are able to perfectly protect the system;
  • The ability to hide the file system using "EFS" encryption. This is a great way to save data from prying eyes and not only;
  • Performing active printing using the "Print based on network location" function. Simplifies printing and brings it to automation;
  • To show your projects, there is a "Presentation Mode". Its uniqueness lies in the fact that any presentation with its help can be automated and simplified, but visually at the same time, it will not suffer;
  • Compatibility mode "Windows XP Mode". With it, you can run older versions of the software in a software environment that is completely new and unique;
  • Running unknown programs in an isolated space can be performed using the "Restricted Use of Programs Policy". This will make it possible to protect the device if the software is infected or its manufacturer is not known.

Office 2016 Professional and its advantages

In order to be able to work in different directions when executing your projects, you need to buy Office 2016 Professional, since the uniqueness of this program lies in its versatility, which is plentiful here due to the available pre-installed applications:

  • Word is a great text editor, whose main task is text processing, which can very often go beyond the capabilities of other programs and applications. The main advantage of this tool lies in the fact that text processing here can be supplemented with tables, graphs, visual effects, media materials and all that other text editors are not able to process;
  • Excel is a great table editor, the main task of which is the systematization and processing of information in tables. Thanks to this application, users have the opportunity to arrange information in a table and then, if necessary, perform manipulations of this information: formalize, bring to a common denominator, use special formulas for calculations and much more;
  • OneNote is a great electronic notebook, the main task of which is to store information entered into the application by the user for more convenient use in the future. This is essentially the same paper notebook, but only with a more advanced system of the hierarchy of records and with options that allow you not to forget about important records;
  • PowerPoint is a great tool for creating presentations of absolutely any format and with any visual effects. The uniqueness of this application is that with its help it is possible to create presentations more efficiently by placing in your projects a huge amount of information in the form of: graphs, texts, pictures, videos, tables, music, backgrounds and much more;
  • Outlook is a great tool for processing emails. Very often Windows 7 Pro with Office 2016 Pro is bought by those users who have a need to process emails at the maximum level of security and with filtering functions when receiving and mailing. About this application, we can say that it is as safe as possible and extremely functional;
  • Access is a great tool that allows you to process databases and also create unique applications that make it possible to process data and organize them. On the one hand, you have an application that is an independent unit for information processing, and on the other hand, it is a tool that allows you to create even more highly specialized applications for information processing;
  • Publisher – is a great tool for processing documents preparing for printing. It is very important to understand that the main task of this application lies in the fact that it is not aimed at text processing, it is aimed at processing markup and the arrangement of elements in the document. Having arranged everything as you need, you can always send a document to print and be sure that the printed version of the document will be at the highest level.
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Отзывы наших покупателей
2021-05-30 22:45:48
Замечательный сервис! Оплатил -> получил -> скачал -> установил -> активировал! Спасибо огромное!
2021-02-16 16:14:20
Товаром и обратной связью с продавцом доволен. Оперативно среагировали на вопросы по установке и помогли решить проблемы с активацией на моем компьютере. Ребята терпеливые, хотя не легко им было с не продвинутым пользователем в моем лице. Спасибо.
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