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Windows 7 Home Premium License

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Extended edition for home users of Windows 7 Home Premium is ideal for training and entertainment. View photos and videos, listen to your favorite tracks, surf the web, create and edit documents with this OS is very simple. Quick response and the work programs, combined with the broad functionality of Windows 7 Home Premium makes use of PC clear, comfortable and as effective as possible.

Why Windows 7 is the most popular system of the present day? To answer this question, consider the advantages of this operating system:

  • a variety of design styles and nice design;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • Improved security settings;
  • Recognition and compatibility with most of the drivers;
  • Windows Media Player will recognize most formats of video and audio files;
  • Improved Taskbar;
  • Minimum system requirements for installation.

    Windows 7 Home Premium is available for most devices do not cause difficulties in the installation and is easily adjusted to suit individual user needs. If you need a proven and reliable operating system for home use, this update will suit perfectly.

    Windows 7 Home Premium license at a reasonable price

    Unfortunately, high popularity Vindovs 7 entailed the creation of many pirate assemblies. Free download of the system - at first glance, a very attractive prospect, but just imagine what risk you expose yourself! For the performance and functionality of unlicensed software no one is responsible. In any "pirate" moment can be blown away by blowing for a your work and personal files can not be recovered. Why do you need all this, when you can buy cheap Windows 7 Home Premium license key and enjoy all the features of the system to a completely legal conditions.

    Online Store «NM-Store» offers to purchase a license key Windows 7 Home Premium at the lowest price with the guarantee of quality. We sell only reliable licensed software, and thus earned a good reputation in the network. On the website you will find a lot of feedback from our customers, confirming the high quality of the software.

    Do not miss the opportunity to buy Windows 7 Home Premium cheaply and legally on the most favorable terms.

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Отзывы наших покупателей
2022-07-23 11:07:22
Активация прошла успешно !
2021-12-12 20:51:52
Код не работает но я жду пока поменят а так я уверен что все работает
2021-11-12 23:53:42
Ключ не работает.
ждем ответа
2021-09-30 19:54:43
Все работает , правда только по телефону
2021-09-01 13:05:52
Здравствуйте. Ключ активации введен, все заработало. Спасибо.
2021-01-05 22:09:56
Претензий к товару нет - все на высшем уровне! Спасибо!!!
2020-12-07 21:45:12
2020-05-04 12:47:45
Купил 7-ку на старый ноут, ключ не подошел, обратился в тех помощь и в течении часа пришла замена! Активация прошла успешно, все работает, спасибо!
2020-04-05 09:09:16
Отличный магазин, регулярно тут покупаю. Качество как всегда на лучшем уровне!
2019-03-30 20:18:19
классно работает
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