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Windows 11 for 3 computers

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We present to your attention Windows 11 for 3 PCs – in fact, it is a universal software that is one of the most modern and innovative operating systems of its time. This OS contains a huge amount of settings, applications, functions and additional options that are already functioning and, according to the developers, are preparing to become even more practical due to upcoming additions and updates. Thus, buying license activation keys today, you get just the perfect version of software ready to develop for a long time.

Main Features of Windows 11 Professional

Along with the previously released versions of operating systems from Microsoft, Windows 11 is very different in numerous parameters, this is due to the fact that the software was maximally redesigned and was able to get the maximum number of innovations perfectly integrated into its software environment, among which I would like to highlight the following:

  • The absence of the usual Start menu. You will no longer be able to find the usual "Start" button in the lower left corner, since it is not there and will not be there. The similarity of the Start menu is now located in the center – at the bottom of the monitor screen. At first glance, such an innovation looks absurd, but in fact, it is not… This innovation allows you to start using the menu that is familiar to many in a completely new way, since it will contain basic information, and additional information in the form of applications and documents that you have used most often recently;
  • New system upgrade concept. Licensed Windows 11 Professional, has changed a lot in this regard, since there is no longer the usual update process, but there is something more point-based and something more effective. The first thing that catches your eye is how the update process will now proceed, which is not tied to short intervals, as it was with previous versions of systems. Now, large-scale updates will be released no more than once every 12 months, and the cycles of their use will be equal to 24 months. Of course, small updates will occur every now and then in the software environment, but they will turn out to be very small - cumulative. This is very convenient in situations where you do not want to constantly update the OS or have problems with the Internet connection;
  • Improved game system for gamers. Here you will find a couple of great innovations at once – the opportunity to launch old games on a modern computer and notice how the updated Windows 11 functions perform color correction and make the gameplay brighter and more spectacular. Also, it is possible to use a paid subscription - Xbox Game Pass for PC. A paid subscription of this format will allow you to play a huge number of games and not limit yourself in anything. So, gamers who bother to buy Windows 11 Professional keys will certainly like such thematic additions;
  • Improved Mobile Device Management. Allows you to use the management of mobile devices by means of "cloud management". Now, it will become much easier to control: smartphones, tablets and other gadgets remotely. This option is especially relevant for corporate users and for parents whose children are constantly using gadgets;
  • Support for Azure Active Directory. Another option that is aimed at the corporate user, as it allows you to use "domain joining" and "group policies". Now, an IT specialist will be able to manage: accounts, computers, groups, security policy, get "easy access" to files and printers when connected to Windows 11 Pro with Windows Server, and many more useful things.

New Windows 11 Professional Security System

As for the use of Windows 11 on 3 devices in terms of security, it is worth noting that the developers tried their best, since they were able to introduce a lot of useful options here, among which there are such as:

  • Kiosk mode setting – the ability to restrict individual users access to applications or allow the same users to launch specific applications;
  • Pasochnitsa – will make it possible to protect the system from running potentially dangerous software / applications in it. The undercooked software ends up in a certain limited part of the hard disk, which cannot be left, and which fragments when the work cycle stops;
  • Device encryption – allows you to hide the device from those users who are not part of the "trusted" group, which means that only "selected users" will be able to access the device;
  • Firewall and network protection – a kind of analogue of antivirus protection that will protect your device from: extortionate applications, activates the protection function against viruses and malware;
  • Internet Protection is a separate tool that controls the security of your device while using it on the Internet. Viruses and other nasty things that can harm the device will not be able to bypass this protection;
  • Parental control and protection – allows parents to configure the device in such a way that the child can explore the outside world without fear, but at the same time: could not make a rash purchase, could not view 18+ content, had a time frame for spending time at the PC;
  • Secure Boot is a very good security feature that allows you to protect your device from malware that tries to activate at the moment when the OS is loaded;
  • Windows Hello – a new level of unlocking the device using biometric data and using a PIN code. Outdated and not practical passwords, you can no longer use them here.

As you can see, the security system of Windows 11 is at a very good level, since it is really multifaceted and has versatile protections, which makes it many times more powerful than it was with previous versions of operating systems. In addition, there are many additional options here, many of which work very effectively in the background and do not give dangers out of no chance.

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