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If you want to take on large projects that require a lot of time and software resources, then you should buy Windows 11 Professional. This is one of the most modern operating systems, as it is ready to offer all users the latest infrastructure, in which there is simply a huge number of areas for work. More, you do not have to limit yourself, as you can create unique projects with a huge number of unique options without any problems. In addition, it will be possible to instantly change the direction of work, which is also incredibly convenient, because at any time it may be necessary to change the initiative to develop the project in a different direction. Thus, each user will be able to find exactly what he needs here and take advantage of such unique options.

Updated security system Windows 11 Professional

Since this OS belongs to the corporate niche, its functionality is more advanced than its counterparts, which is why users are offered one of the best systems security, which has versatile options of the following nature:

  • Windows Hello – a security system that is not based on entering a password, because when using it, it is possible to make your face or fingerprint the same secret code to unlock the device. A very convenient option, since it does not require any passwords and minimizes situations with their theft;
  • Encryption of – an option that makes it possible to hide the device from various spies and secure personal information. This add-on allows you to open access to data only to authorized users using Windows 11 Professional license keys, while the rest will not be able to interact with information files;
  • Firewall and network security – a security feature that is more focused on blocking various threats from the Internet. Blocking: virus software, blockers, banners, malicious ads and much more, happens instantly;
  • Protection on the Internet – is a more specialized software tool that can perfectly protect the system from: dangerous sites, ransomware, malware, etc. An excellent addition that can work both independently and in conjunction with the above protection tools;
  • Parental control – another additional step to protect the device, provided that it is used by minors. The option is able to block unauthorized purchases in the online store and automatically disable 18+ content. Also, there is an additional option to connect new family member accounts and control device updates;
  • Safe Boot – will protect the operating system in situations where it is still being loaded and there is a high probability of viruses penetrating into it. Now, everything is under total control and no additional malware downloads will function;
  • Windows Defender – A well-known antivirus for many users, which is aimed at anti-virus protection with the ability to learn protection tools.

The main working functions of Windows 11

If you buy a Windows 11 Professional key, you can be sure that with its help the active phase of using the operating system will be as fruitful as possible and all because there are some very important and powerful programming features here:

  • New pen input and touch keyboard – with the help of such additions, users who have versatile devices in their use will no longer need to use the usual input methods. Now, you can easily do without a mouse and keyboard;
  • Battery saving mode – The relevance of this option is due to the fact that users very often use devices that are not stationary, but mobile. With just a few manipulations, you can significantly increase the life of the device without recharging;
  • Group policies – allows you to remotely manage: groups, devices, accounts, etc. Also, having certain rights, it will be possible to get some access to files and printing tools;
  • Restricted access – makes it possible to divide rights between users and thereby allow or prohibit users from visiting certain sections of the device. In addition, you can configure the availability of application lists, which is not unimportant;
  • Dynamic preparation – allows you to activate Windows 11 Professional keys and turn a completely ordinary computer into a corporate-level device in a few minutes;
  • Windows Update for Business is a tool designed to ensure that every PC administrator has the opportunity to configure the received and installed updates in such a way that it is as convenient as possible. You can easily manage: download time, installation process, removal of updates, etc.;
  • Setting up the terminal mode – makes it possible to turn a completely ordinary device into a high-quality terminal locally or remotely;

Cloud storage support is an innovative and frequently used feature that allows you to easily use not just cloud technologies, but also artificial intelligence that can learn independently. This is especially true in situations where the user needs, well, very innovative

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2023-01-30 19:09:06
Без проблем активировалось!!!
2023-01-29 19:09:07
Все отлично, ключ автивировался без проблем!
2023-01-25 20:32:22
товар пришёл сразу же и всё заработало без проблем, спасибо большое!
2023-01-22 15:50:03
Все супер . Продавец очень терпеливый и отзывчивый. Поддержка на высоте! Так держать %) У меня возникли проблемы при активации , перепробовал много разных ключей с разных сервисов. Продавец помог мне решить эту проблему и скинул новый ключ , который сразу сработал.
2023-01-05 00:33:08
Активировалось. Но пришлось ставить новую винду. Косяк был в старой винде. Главное сразу не "пороть горячку"!
2023-01-04 18:04:27
Быстро, надежно и легко! Вся процедура от момента покупки до активации 5 минут
2022-12-27 11:13:14
Долго сомневался, стоит ли тут делать покупку ? Цена вопроса 890 р. , но всё равно не хочется отдавать кому то просто так (к тому же в браузере от Яндекса читал отзывы об этом магазине, что у некоторых покупателей почему то цена возрастала на 25 % или что то не дошло или не работало думал мошенники). Решил всётаки попробовать (низкая стоимость сделала своё дело)). Итог: с момента покупки до успешного применения цифрового кода купленного в этом магазине прошло 5-6 минут. Не обходимый продукт успешно активирован. Хороший магазин. Буду рекомендовать . Отдельное спасибо продавцу, всё крайне быстро, без доп. переплат, классный подарок на НГ. Так держать и хороших продаж ! Всех с наступающим 2023 !!! Всем добра, удачи и мира в Новом !!!
2022-12-20 08:54:45
Ключ применился, все ок. Надежно!
2022-12-19 17:09:50
Код пришел в течение минуты после оплаты. А система после ввода кода активировалась вообще за 10 секунд. Все отлично!
2022-11-28 14:45:10
активация с первого раза на следующий день! спс
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