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Buy Windows 11 Home for 5 PCs

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Windows 11 Home for PC is an operating system that is designed with only one goal – to work as quickly as possible and not force users to try to interact with the software that they do not need. Perhaps it may seem strange to someone, but in this edition of the OS there are not all those applications that take place in more professional versions of systems. Although, it is worth noting that at first glance some limitations will not affect the work of most people, because the software ecosystem that takes place here is quite enough to solve other tasks. I would also like to note that no one forbids the installation of additional software, which in itself makes it possible to expand the OS to almost limitless possibilities, in which you can work in any direction that is most acceptable to the user.

Maximum Security of Windows 11 Home

Despite the fact that many users want to buy Windows 11 for Home, as an updated version of the operating system with the lack of professional software, they notice that the security system here is at the highest level. And everything depends on the fact that almost all situations are provided here in which: the user, his device or family members cannot be in danger. That's why, only here you can find a multi-level protection in the form of:

  • Device encryption – only "authorized" users will be able to use the device itself and the data in it;
  • Device control – allows you to control the device, regardless of whether: PC, laptop, tablet, electronic pen or something else is controlled;
  • Firewall and network protection – numerous protective means that together allow you to protect yourself from: dangerous software, virus threats and programs aimed at extortion;
  • Protection on the Internet – the main focus is on controlling files and downloads that can get into the device via the Internet;
  • Parental control and protection – makes it possible to control the device at the moment when the child uses it. Additionally, it allows you to protect a minor user from: "adult videos", viruses, online purchases and long-term PC time;
  • Secure boot – during system startup, licensed Windows 11 Home is able to control sudden downloads in order to prevent malware from launching at the moment when the OS is most vulnerable;
  • Windows Hello – allows you to give up passwords and everything related to them, since now it is possible to use biometric data of your body or PIN code;
  • Windows Information Protection (WIP) – protects information from leakage, provided that someone wants to use their personal memory device on the device you are using and possibly steal some data from your work PC;
  • Windows Security – allows you to scan the device for security and operability, which makes it possible to close vulnerable gaps in a timely manner and further strengthen them.

For sure, many of those who have not yet been familiar with the full list of the Windows 11 security system are not confused at this hour, since it offers just a huge number of protective options aimed at completely different aspects of dangers. Thus, buying this system, you get not just a "bare structure", but also additional tools for working with the OS.

Among the innovations that have nothing to do with protective options, I would also like to highlight some of the most striking and innovative:

  • The updated Start menu - it is not in the usual version here, which everyone is used to, but its new version is no worse than what many of us have been used to for a long time. The location and functionality have expanded, due to which it has become even more convenient to work with it;
  • Managing working windows is another innovation that allows you to automatically place windows in which you work in such a way that it is convenient to interact with them. This is done in a couple of clicks, which is very practical to do during the workflow;
  • New update structure – The Windows 11 Home license will no longer receive updates in parts, updating one module, then another. Now, updates will come no more than 1 time a year, they will be more extensive, downloaded and installed independently. Of course, additional mini-updates will be downloaded periodically, but they are mostly "cumulative" and will not affect the performance of your system;
  • The updated Microsoft Store is another highlight for this OS, as the service has become even more convenient and allows you to perform as quickly as possible: search, purchase, download and install what you need for comfortable work, and maybe for entertainment;
  • There are specialized Xbox Game Pass subscriptions for PC – a new step for gamers and just fans to have fun with their free time at the computer. For a relatively small monthly fee, you will have access to very interesting gaming applications that will certainly not leave you indifferent;
  • Installing Android applications without additional software installed is another innovation for this system, which is perfectly implemented. So far, it is possible to install applications only from the Store, but in the future, such restrictions promise to be removed and it will be possible to run any mobile software on your PC at all.
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