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Buy Windows 10 with Office 2019

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Today, the opportunity has become available for you to buy Windows 10 Home with Office 2019 ProPlus, which, in some interaction, can form an excellent software “package” and allow any user to not know the limitations in their work. The uniqueness of the use of this software lies in the fact that the programs are developed by Microsoft and have the ability to fully integrate and complement each other. Thus, you will no longer have such situations when the software used conflicts with each other and does not allow you to work normally.

Why Windows 10 Home?

Choosing this edition of the “top ten” is for the reason that it has a number of advantages that its colleagues in the workshop cannot compare with, and all because the OS is designed for those users who want to work at the computer and at the same time, do not want to delve into its settings and updates. Thus, if you decide to buy the Windows 10 Home activation key for yourself or your family, then you can instantly feel the automated maintenance of all the system’s internal program options in a very healthy state, without your intervention.

Also, it is worth noting the moment that this program has a fairly “restrained” size compared to its older counterparts, which makes it very practical for use on devices that have a minimum amount of disk space. Of course, the system is constantly updated and something new appears in it, but this, as before, does not greatly affect the overall size of the software, since the appearance of the working environment as a whole remains exactly the same as it was before. From the main areas of product development, it is worth highlighting only a few aspects...

Windows 10 Home Security

Despite the fact that this OS is essentially “entry-level” software, it is not inferior to its classmates, as it can easily boast of such protective options as:

  • Windows Hello - an option that allows the user to refuse the usual password for entering the system or to access individual files, as now, you can use: face recognition, fingerprints and even a PIN code;
  • Encryption of devices - allows you to hide individual system data from attacks by third parties, as the option allows access to a device with protected data only by means of "user authorization";
  • Firewall and protection on the Internet - will give you a feeling of complete security from: viruses, ransomware, blockers, etc.;
  • Protection on the Internet - an additional level of protection in the face of the “SmartScreen Windows Defender” filter, which is directly aimed at blocking known Internet threats using a browser and downloading third-party files;
  • Parental control / Protection - is a total monitoring of the child’s device, by his parents, which allows: timely: update, comply with the time limits of the use of the device, monitor purchases on the Internet, etc.;
  • Safe boot - control of system components until the Windows 10 Home license is fully and fully loaded;
  • Antivirus program "Windows Defender" - allows you to use the built-in antivirus to protect system components. During the use of the antivirus, it independently learns and interacts with the "cloud".

Unique features of Windows 10 Home

Of course, among the huge variety of software features of the OS, it is difficult to single out all the software options, but whatever it was, and some of them are worth mentioning separately, since in the modern user world, they are used most often:

  • Digital pen and touch input - allow you to refuse to use the keyboard almost completely, since any texts can be written by hand and the software will recognize handwritten text;
  • Microsoft Edge - in addition to being one of the most modern browsers that has the maximum options for comfortable user experience, in addition to everything, it also boasts such additional features as: increased system performance while working in the browser, increased battery life, increased search speed, etc.;
  • Battery saving mode - allows you to make sure that a device that is not able to work from the outlet continues to work for a specific period of time as long as possible due to the following restrictions being activated: disabling background applications, disabling push notifications, etc.;
  • Mobile - provides access to: SMS, photos, Calendar and other applications by means of using devices running on Android and iOS.

Why Office 2019 ProPlus?

Among the huge number of “Office” line of programs, the most powerful and often demanded is precisely the Office 2019 license in the ProPlus edition, and all for the reason that the use of such software opens up for any user not just the opportunity to work “ here and now, ”and gives a certain perspective that can be realized by the user at any time. Thus, buying the office suite of applications for 2019 right now, you invest only once in the prospect of using your computer and at any time, be able to easily work in the environment of the purchased program, which has a fairly extensive number of applications:

  • Outlook - a set of features for working with business mail. Processing emails and filtering them is no longer a problem for you, since the application is configured in such a way that business correspondence becomes not only safe, but also as practical as possible;
  • Word - a set of functionality for working with text documents in any areas and areas of activity. The creation of a text document and its subsequent editing is the simplest that this application can offer, since in fact it can be used to create true masterpieces with amazing design and additional visual effects;
  • Excel - a set of functionality for working with tables and data that are located in these tables. Creating tables is the simplest possible action for you, and most importantly, the tables themselves and the information in them can be arranged as you need. In addition, if you work a lot with tabular data, you will have the opportunity to learn “formulas” that will speed up everyday work at times;
  • PowerPoint - a set of functionalities for working with information that is fragmented, but ultimately, must be combined into something holistic. Presentations, you can create as quickly and efficiently as possible simply, but at the same time, their visual appearance will depend only on your own imagination and on the requirements of the end customer;
  • Access - a set of functionality for working with various databases. The uniqueness of this application is that it is able to process both the DBMS database from Microsoft and third-party databases. Thus, the range of software capabilities grows significantly;
  • Publisher feature set for working with page layout of documents. This application is able to make page markings as accurate and high quality as you have repeatedly been. Software has an "entry level" in terms of functionality, but it will be quite enough for you to solve most problems;
  • Skype for Business - a set of features for versatile versatility. The application has quite extensive features that allow a potential user to use for communication: chat, calls and video calls;
  • OneDrive - a set of functionalities for the user to use a certain online data storage called the “cloud”. Here you can store all your best practices or something else. The practicality of this application is that you will have access to it anywhere where there is Internet and as a result, you can: view your projects directly in the “cloud”, edit your projects directly in the “cloud”, download from the “cloud” their projects, etc.

It seems to us that from those applications that you will receive after deciding to buy an Office 2019 activation key, you can do almost anything your heart desires, since the tools in your hands will be incredibly extensive and abandoning its daily use, is mostly stupid.

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Отзывы наших покупателей
2024-02-25 10:56:47
Все хорошо, спасибо!
2024-01-21 16:41:55
Рекомендую, часто приобретаю здесь софт, все отлично. Продавец всегда поможет при возникновении проблем.
2023-04-15 17:46:57
Всё, гуд)
2022-10-16 19:56:37
Купил винду и офис, всё отлично. Продавец всегда готов помочь. Оценка самая высшая
2022-01-12 15:45:58
Отличный товар, постоянно беру в этом магазине!
2021-12-17 01:53:12
2021-08-16 20:55:13
Брал винду 10 домашнюю и ворд офис 2019 про, были косяки с установкой но продавец помог все активировать и разобраться с этим советую к покупке. Цена адекватная за все продукты.
2021-04-30 18:15:51
Спасибо за товар, все установилось
2021-04-27 21:43:15
ЛУчшая и самая честная организация на свете! Были проблемы с активацией - вопрос был решен оперативно со скоростью света! Я сторонник вообще не оставлять отзывы, но тут я мимо пройти не смог! Реальная контора, реальные коды, реальный сервис и качество!!!!!
2021-01-19 22:10:55
На данном ресурсе приобретаю проги с 2016 года. Приобретено 9 прог. Всегда молниеносное предоставление кода активации и тех.поддержка.
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