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Buy screenshot of Windows 7 Professional SP1

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To buy a screenshot of Windows 7 Professional SP1 is in some way much more practical than a regular activation key, and everything depends on the fact that when buying, the user receives a screenshot of the sticker – the original one that visualizes his purchase. It is much easier to keep such a purchase intact, since it seems that not just a system activation key was purchased in electronic format, which, even if printed on paper, will most likely be lost, namely the "license" in the form in which most device users want to see it. So, before making a purchase, think carefully about what is your priority – to have a faceless activation key or to own a real screenshot / photo of the same activation key. As for the functional features, the edition of the "Professional" system purchased by users, even in the form of a screenshot, even in the form of a regular activation key, works identically… So it's up to you to decide which choice you need to make when making a purchase!

What is Windows 7 Professional SP1?

Activation of Windows 7 Professional combines functionality that is perfect for both corporate use and home PCs. The features included in this edition make it universal and ideal for use by any category of users.

The Windows 7 Professional SP1 edition is equipped with a basic set of all previous updates of the edition, as well as additional innovations developed by Microsoft based on feedback from users and partners of the company. In this OS, you are waiting for such features as:

  • Convenient toolbar control. A small set of basic software tools that can perfectly fit into the workflows of any user. It does not matter what scale your project is, it is much more important how you will process it and this add-on is ideal for this, as it allows you to get to what you need in the first place very quickly;
  • Active windows with the ability to move them as needed by you. Here, the whole point is that now, you will be able to decide for yourself: how, where and for what, certain windows should be used. There are no restrictions, you decide for yourself how the process of working in windows goes – only in one or alternately in several;
  • Running programs in the "Windows XP" mode, which is important for organizations using outdated software, which has no analogues in modern realities. It's easier to buy Win 7 SP1 and run the already familiar software, add. an option than to look for something new, study it and maybe not even implement its launch at your workplace;
  • Backup and restore functions will allow you to make backup copies of data in case of unforeseen system failures. This is very convenient and makes it possible not to interrupt the workflow for long periods, but allows you to quickly perform "data recovery" and continue working in the same mode in which it always proceeds.;
  • The option of joining the domain will create a secure connection and management of corporate networks. It becomes possible to make settings and open/close user access to certain "sections";
  • Parental control, provides additional leverage and control over children. This approach to education affects children more fruitfully and gives them the opportunity not to wallow in information that is still unacceptable for their age;
  • Versatile security options that are not limited to antiviruses, but allow you to use data encryption in automatic mode, both transmitted and removable media. In addition, there is a security system designed for user login to the OS.

We also note that the presented package supports all interface languages and is suitable for 32-bit and 64-bit systems, which allows to buy Windows 7 Proand not worry about the system being impossible to install on the device.

If you want to buy this edition of the OS, then on our website you can get a screenshot of Windows 7 Professional SP1 cheap. We specialize in selling licensed software and offer our customers the opportunity to purchase it at an affordable cost.

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Why do many users turn to pirated software despite all the possible risks of using it? The answer is obvious in order to save your money, because original products are very expensive and most people prefer to invest these funds in hardware, and they try to get the operating system by alternative means.

However, pirated software has only one advantage – that it is free. But its disadvantages can be enumerated endlessly. At best, you will find unstable operation of the system and annoying windows with an activation request, and at worst, you will find a full bouquet of viruses and other unpleasant things, some of which may look like hidden theft of personal data: photos, videos, bank cards, etc.

But now, you can forget about all these problems and buy Windows 7 Professional or another OS at an affordable price. In our online store you will find a wide range of popular software, here you will find everything your PC needs. Rich selection, low prices, pleasant service, guaranteed reliability – all these are the advantages of "NM-Store".

Visit us, make purchases, participate in promotions, use hot offers and, of course, enjoy comfortable work with licensed software on your computer, which has become so easy to get. The use of licensed operating systems greatly simplifies work and entertainment for a PC, and in addition, makes it much safer! So, think about it…

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2021-05-29 08:48:16
все отлично подошло. не развод. работают ооочень шустро. еще раз спасибо!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2021-05-10 17:30:37
Супер спасибо
2021-01-16 15:04:05
Спасибо большое
2020-12-25 21:28:37
Спасибо! Все, Винду активировал! Удачи! Если что, еще обращусь!
2020-11-27 22:39:01
Спасибо большое
2018-08-19 14:07:13
2018-01-15 10:21:47
Отличный продавец и поддержка на высоте. Рекомендую
2018-01-11 22:07:52
2017-04-08 11:20:32
Как обычно все отлично работает
2016-11-03 15:45:24
Спасибо все ок
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