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Remote Desktop Services (RDS) for Microsoft Windows Server 2022, 25 пользователей

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Terminal server activation key "per user" allows to access the server software for the declared number of users. This type is most suitable for those organizations where there are many mobile employees who need access to the corporate network from arbitrary devices, or employees who use multiple devices to access the network.

The key allows you to use up to 25 simultaneous client connections to your server
The key is intended for use on one server.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services  (RDS, formerly Terminal Services) – is a Windows Server virtualization technology that provides users with remote access to Windows software tools.

Remote Desktop Services allows you to efficiently deploy and maintain software and virtual desktops in a corporate environment. An administrator can easily install new programs using a single management console.

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) is a feature in Windows Server 2022 that allows multiple users to connect and remotely access applications and desktop at the same time. But Remote Desktop can also be used by IT professionals for remote administration.

It's important to understand that if you want to connect to Windows Server 2022 to manage the server remotely, you don't need to install RDS server role. Some earlier versions of Windows Server required RDS, formerly Terminal Services, to be installed in a special mode for remote administration. But that's no longer the case.

WAC provides updated capabilities for Server Manager and many legacy management consoles still built into Windows Server 2022. You can install Windows Admin Center locally at your computer and use it to manage remote Windows servers. Or you can use the Windows Admin Center in the Azure Management Portal.

Before enabling Remote Desktop for administration on your servers, consider using WAC instead. Windows Admin Center uses PowerShell behind the scenes, so it provides a more secure way to administer Windows Server than RDS. In addition, you can also take advantage of all the updated tools. For example, there's a new Performance Monitor and Event Viewer that are easier to work with than their legacy counterparts.

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