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Windows Server 2022 Standard

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Windows Server 2022 Standard – the best solution for your business

With Microsoft creating unique products for commercial purposes, it is not surprising that the development and modernization of a technology solution such as Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Standard has really become a success in the market . This operating system – an excellent solution for any business, because absolutely all the necessary tools have been introduced into it in order to create a simple and at the same time effective server platform. Thanks to the OS, every business will be able to reach a new, increased level of security and use innovations to the fullest.

What are the advantages of Windows Server 2022 Standard?
This operating system is excellent interoperates with Windows 11. Windows Server 2022 Standard is released through the Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC), which is available for download as an ISO disk image or VHDX file. Only OS (OSE) or virtual machines can function in the Standard server. The OS has multi-level threat protection and other key features:

1.    Enhanced security in general. With the help of the built-in defender, the operating system automatically prevents the penetration of malicious and virus programs. As far as administration is concerned, it can be performed without problems through the associated internal access, which is always available to the system. This technology, where HTTPS and TLS 1.3 are enabled by default, will not allow you to change or replace the code, and shielded virtual machines will prevent interference, so attackers will not be able to steal or copy information data. 
2.    Increased IT efficiency. With advanced Windows and Hyper-V containers, among others, you can use your server effectively and efficiently. Each built-in disaster recovery tool will increase the availability of the administration and employees to the server so that uninterrupted work can be carried out. But as for updates to the cluster structure, it is implemented smoothly. It is also possible to create a scalable storage (even more than one) in the operating system for the safety of information data. 
3.    Expanded opportunities for employees and remote workers. Remote access is fully operational and configured in the system, so you can easily perform any operational functions, including accounting or other calculations. A full range of possibilities includes permission to connect mobile devices. You can deploy the OS on a server, cloud storage or hybrid environment. 
4.    Completely cloud-ready. Full access to the use of virtual machines and containers is provided in order to increase the flexibility of the created infrastructure and the mobility of the team. The multi-tenant service combines the cloud and the server, thanks to which employees have access to all the tools and web resources, command-line interfaces that are needed specifically for lightweight server management. 

Windows Server – a platform that allows you to create an infrastructure that will include connected applications, networks, web services, a working group network, an information processing center. This will help connect Azure and modernize the infrastructure as a whole. 

Purchase a product in our online store
We will ensure that the goods are received instantly, and without regional reference. Our online store has the most reasonable prices, so you will be satisfied with your purchase. Guaranteed after payment, you will receive an individual activation key for the Windows Server 2022 Standard operating system, and then you can enjoy the full benefits of working in licensed software, where there will be no restrictions. 

•    The key can and should be used exclusively on a single device.
•    The key cannot be entered anywhere except on the original distribution.

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