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Remote computer setup

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It is not uncommon for a situation where a computer user who has little knowledge, becomes a victim of circumstances under which he does not have the ability to properly configure the software on his computer. That's why, we decided to supplement our Internet project with a new service called "Remote computer setup" and has a lot of additional features that you will surely like.

Everybody has known for a long time that a computer is not just a certain number of metal parts and chips, which, due to the fact that they are connected, I have the opportunity to function fully. A computer is a kind of combination of physical components and software that, if properly configured, can allow any user to work comfortably or entertain themselves. That's only if you dig a little deeper, it becomes clear that even though this hour is quite a large number of modern and even innovative PC components that are almost perfectly combined with the latest developments in the world of software, some conflicts still arise situations in which, a little literate in terms of using a computer user, is in a situation in which he does not work. It is for this reason that we decided to introduce a new service on our Internet portal, which received a very screaming title Remote Computer Configuration and as a result, became very popular among those who periodically need computer help, but at the same time , does not have the desire to call a PC master on the house or to run a system unit in a PC service.

The main advantages of using the service "Remote computer setup"

  • The biggest and most undeniable advantage of this service is that anyone can use it in the place where his computer is installed. Thus, you do not have to carry or keep your computer somewhere, you have the ability to order the performance of specific PC jobs remotely.
  • Very important moment when using this service is the fact that you do not have to contact physically with completely unfamiliar people who will come to your home and then you'll worry that nothing left your house or you were robbed later. The person who will be setting up the software on your computer remotely will not: see you, will not know your address, etc., he will just do the job of setting up the software on the computer and nothing more.
  • The speed of remote configuration of the computer is many times faster than the speed when calling the PC wizard to your home or when sending the computer to the PC service. It is due to the fact that you and the employee of our project do not waste time on: the road, unnecessary conversations, communication with third parties who just want to clarify something about repairs, etc., the speed of tuning increases many times and takes from the first messages until the end of the work of our remote support users, just a few hours.
  • All the work performed by the wizard will proceed in your presence and you will be able to track all its actions yourself, as any mouse click and even a moving cursor will see visually in real time. Thus, you can be sure that an outsider does not climb into that part of your hard drive that no one else but you should see, and in general, all actions from remote computer setup will only take place under your control.
  • After carrying out specific manipulations related to the configuration of the software, you will be asked to immediately check the operability of the programs for which the work was done, which is also an indispensable plus, which PC services often can not offer you, where the computer is simply given after the "repair" and says: "Everything works 100%..." And in fact, the client already at home sees that not everything is as beautiful as it was described to him.
  • The security of your confidential data when you remotely configure the computer is guaranteed, as during the work will be used one of the best programs to date - TeamViewer. Thanks to this software, you can remotely connect your computer by entering secret code, which will be known only to you and a service wizard who will configure the software on your computer. As soon as all the work is finished, the connection between the master's computer and your PC will be broken, which will not allow the master of our service to connect to your computer without the water from your side of the secret activation key.
  • The fixed cost of the services is also a huge plus, since initially you stipulate what you need to fulfill and on the result you get a 100% work done at the end of which you will not be asked to pay more, because some additional work has been done. We all have maximum transparency for the client, which makes it possible for him not to worry about the fact that he may receive additional expenses, which he does not expect at all.

Why is it safe to work with us?

  • The main advantage of working safely with us is that we do not collect any additional information about our customers and all work is done directly in the remote presence of the client.
  • We do not use questionable software while working. We work only with licensed programs, which gives us almost unlimited possibilities during software customization.
  • We are not trying to install an additional software for a client for which he will have to pay, since we work only in the specified frames and no more.
  • We minimize the physical contact of people, which makes it possible to limit the client and the performer from unwanted communication and joint pastime while the work is being performed by the performer.


We hope that after reading all of the above, you realized that the service remote computer setup is very practical and convenient to use, provided that there is a professional approach to it, which we have the opportunity to do offer all those who need it.

More than 99% of our clients turn to us for help again, because they are satisfied with the way we work and what price tag we are asking to pay for the performance of certain jobs. In addition, all the same grateful customers, often enough leave positive feedback about the work done by us and talk about our service to friends and acquaintances who also become our customers. Thus, "word of mouth" in which it is told about the quality of the services we provide is the best gratitude that we receive from everyone with whom we cooperate.

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Отзывы наших покупателей
2017-09-26 00:34:38
Спасибо все без обмана . Все доходчиво объяснил и помог в установке хороший специалист . Дмитрий большое спасибо .
2017-09-12 23:09:19
Никогда не предполагала, что бывают такие сайты, а тем более менеджеры. Благодарю Дмитрия за терпение и профессионализм в подаче материала, а так же поиск решения проблем, возникших с моим компом. Всем спасибо! Ещё не раз я ваш клиент! Буду рекомендовать ваш сайт ВСЕМ! ВСЕМ! ВСЕМ! Всё чётко, грамотно, культурно и, что немало важно, на доверии!!! Ключ настоящий! Помощь в доп.настройках и установка нужных, совместимых с ОС приложений и программ - за всё Вам, Дмитрий, СПААААСИИИБООО!!!!
2017-06-14 22:26:56
Спасибо большое. Ребята молодцы, была проблема с компом решили все. Еще раз спасибо за профессиональную помощь.
2016-04-18 14:12:38
Все супер!
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