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We offer you to buy Office 2021 keys in the edition of "Home and Business" for Mac, which has a direct focus on offering users engaged in versatile work, application ordering functions in the form of a huge number of tools. On the one hand, you will have a whole piece of software at your disposal, but on the other hand, the same program will be divided into several tools that are different from each other, capable of working both separately from each other and together.

The main advantages of MS Office 2021 for Home and Business for Mac

This program has countless advantages, but we will try to focus only on the most important ones, since they most often attract the attention of users as much as possible and are fundamental when buying software.

  • Perpetual license – this means that by purchasing only once the Office 2021 key, you don't have to worry that the program's lifecycle will be suspended after some time. According to Microsoft, the manufacturer of this software, it will function for a very long time and will not stop functioning even after the reporting period of updating the program ends;
  • The ability to run software on the Mac platform – this means that by giving up Windows, you can not infringe on yourself in working for a PC in terms of using software. By switching from one operating system to another, regardless of the time period, you will always be able to work comfortably in office applications that are familiar to you;
  • IT control and manageability are very modern software capabilities tied to the interaction of software and the Internet space, since here you will be able to: work with Azure, use the security options of access rights, activate multi–factor authentication and many add-ons;
  • Built–in business analytics is a completely new round in the development and use of this office software, because here you are waiting for: new types of charts, improved analytics, an innovative forecasting function, the ability to use the workspace more efficiently and much more.

Embedded applications in MS Office 2021 for Home and Business for Mac

Despite the fact that Office 2021 for Home and Business for Mac is a seemingly complete product from Microsoft, but you still need to understand that it is divided into several applications, each of which can function separately. It is due to this that this program is loved by countless users working with individual software tools:

  • Word is already a long time ago not just a text editor, but something more, since the time when only one person could work in this application has long passed… Now, creating large, beautiful and informative documents requires several people to work on them at once, which is exactly what this application provides. Past the usual: creating, editing and processing documents, you will be able to work on them with your work colleagues and friends, no matter where you are, the main thing is that you have access to the Internet. And if you add a "cloud" to your work, it will speed up at times and the process of information exchange will go much faster than you can imagine;
  • Excel is already a long time ago not just an application that was created so that users could create beautiful and neat tables. This tool is capable of conducting a full-fledged analysis that is ready to show: coincidences, patterns, differences, perform miscalculations on a developing trend, plot a graph, build a diagram and much more. It would seem to be a simple table, but as practice shows, it is capable of solving a huge number of tasks;
  • PowerPoint has long been not just a tool for creating presentations, but a presentation ecosystem that can be managed by both one person and several. The peculiarity of this application lies in the fact that here you can create not just presentations, but there is an opportunity to analyze and adjust them in such a way that they become much better than everything previously created. It is for this reason that the Office 2021 license for Mac is in demand not only among students of educational institutions, but also among people directly related to business, because here you can work collectively and complete your projects faster and better than it was before;
  • Outlook has long been not just a tool that works like email, but something more. Here, each user will be able to perform the processing of received and sent emails that are familiar to many, new options have also appeared here: clear differentiation of letters by "conversations", more competent coordination of the schedule, improved conversation process, additional attachment processing capabilities and much more. It turns out that the processing of emails will now be much larger, but at the same time more automated, which will benefit anyone who decides to use this tool;
  • OneNote has long been not just an electronic notebook, but a tool that has much more functionality than many can imagine. Writing down your thoughts is the easiest thing this application is capable of, because it can interact with the search, which will be as fast as possible, because everything will be based on your "tags". In addition, it will be very easy to share a recorded idea or thought, since the application provides such opportunities in a couple of clicks. Those who have ever used this updated electronic notebook, no longer return to paper media or to something more primitive.
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2023-04-29 17:40:37
Никому не советую покупать! Купили продукт, но ничего не работает, никто ничего объяснить не может, ссылаются на аккаунт которым пользуюсь 5 лет. Ввели коды активации но ничего не заработало.
Инструкции были даны на этапе консультирования, Покупатель не может зайти в свой аккаунт! Покупатель активировал ключ на сайте, зайдя под своим аккаунтом, о чем он сам пишет.
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