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Buy the license keys for Microsoft Office 2010 Standard - 5 pc

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Microsoft Office 2010 Standard is designed for fast and efficient processing of information at home and in the office. This package will be a great help in learning, work, creativity and business. Modern technology combined with concise design and familiar interface enables Microsoft developers to create a great product, which is widely used and is in no hurry to lose popularity to this day.

Microsoft Office 2010 Standard is available Owning the following feature set:

  • processing of text documents in Word 2010 editor;
  • create tables and data analytics in Excel 2010;
  • electronic document in the mail service, Outlook 2010;
  • Create and view interesting presentations in PowerPoint 2010;
  • the development and publication of promotional materials in Publisher 2010;
  • creating notes and reminders in OneNote 2010.

    Each tool in Microsoft Office 2010 Standard kit is equipped with a convenient format and system information search within the document. Tighter integration with the global network allows you to quickly find additional information without leaving the editor. Also in Microsoft Office 2010 Standard has a function of working together on a document, increasing the speed and efficiency of operations.

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    More recently, the alternatives were few users either buy a license expensive or download pirated software at your own risk. Today it is possible to forget the unpleasant choice and purchase a license key for Microsoft Office 2010 Standard for 5 PCs with cheap and high quality guarantee.

    Online Store «NM-Store» is pleased to offer its clients a wide range of diverse software for any purpose, at reasonable prices. The quality of products is in no way affected, we provide only the license keys to support all current updates.

    The specialists of the technical service site is always ready to answer your questions and help with the selection, installation and configuration of software. Contact tech support is possible through an interactive form on the website, by phone, Skype, ICQ.

    Fast delivery of license keys - one of the main advantages of our project. Your order you will receive immediately after payment without waiting long delays. Book a key for Microsoft Office 2010 Standard for 5 PCs and see for yourself the quality and speed of our store.

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Отзывы наших покупателей
2024-02-01 19:42:38
2021-11-05 16:33:21
Все отлично. Ключ получил сразу после оплаты, все работает.
2018-04-05 13:36:42
Приобрел ключ для Office 2010 на 5 ПК, активировал без проблем. Все работает. Спасибо Вам большое !
2016-10-28 21:23:33
Второй раз покупаю у этого продавца. Сначала взял один офис. Всё нормально. Рабочий, лицензия. Теперь взял комплект из пяти офисов. Тоже всё работает. Зачет и уважение)))
2015-12-12 00:47:01
Все супер, активировалось без проблем
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