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Антивирус Каspеrsку Intеrnеt Sесuritу 2018 на 2 ПК

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Looking for the most reliable antivirus for your PC? Then you should take a closer look at Kaspersky Internet Security 2016. This product is developed by one of the best laboratories in the world. Most government agencies and large companies use this particular antivirus to protect their data. It is difficult to imagine a more reliable security system than Kaspersky Internet Security.

This platform provides comprehensive control of all operations on your PC:

  • ensures the safety of Internet surfing by blocking the transition to suspicious resources;
  • scans documents before downloading them from the Internet or from a portable drive;
  • scans the operating system and tasks running in the background;
  • does not allow third-party programs to copy your registration data on websites and in stores;
  • controls the correctness of financial transactions;
  • quickly finds and removes viruses and other debris from your PC immediately after installation;
  • < li>blocks intrusive ads and pop-ups;
  • "Parental control" function; allows you to filter materials accessible to children.

Kaspersky's database is regularly updated, so tracking of new virus scripts and Trojans is carried out with maximum efficiency. Compared to other antiviruses, Kaspersky has slightly higher performance requirements. But comprehensive protection of the best quality is definitely worth it.

The best protection at a reasonable price

The main stumbling block when buying Kaspersky Internet Security has long been the price. Buying an antivirus software package in a regular store is still accompanied by impressive costs.

Our online store will solve the problem of antivirus cost for you once and for all. You can buy a license key for Kaspersku Internet Security 2016 for 2 PCs here cheaply with a guarantee of product quality.

Also, on NM-Store you can download official distributions and quickly install an anti-virus system on your device. Making purchases from us, you will not waste your time searching for a system image and switching to other sites. Everything is simple – buy a key, download the distribution kit and install the software.

The high quality of our products and the work of the store is confirmed by numerous reviews on the site. They are registered through a warranty service, so the possibility of forgery and cheating is excluded.

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Отзывы наших покупателей
2023-07-07 13:51:35
Все как всегда быстро и отлично, благодарю!!
2021-01-11 20:34:07
Спасибо за ключ. Всё отлично стало на 2 ПК.
2020-12-08 14:54:43
Отличная соотношение цена - качество)))
2020-01-15 18:55:32
Всё отлично работает, лицензия на год на 2 пк, спасибо продавцу, рекомендую.
2019-12-01 19:37:14
Ключ заменили все ок! Рекомендую!
2019-05-30 14:08:03
Как всегда все отлично.Спасибо
2019-05-13 12:35:59
Все ОК, ключ прислали быстро, уже активировал.
2019-04-29 00:20:25
2019-04-22 20:21:19
2019-03-07 13:25:04
Уже который раз всё идеально, раньше ключи прилетали автоматически, сейчас в ручную, в течении часа после отправки уникального кода продавцу. Что стало менее удобно =(
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