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Mobile antivirus Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite

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  • Version:  Mobile security suite
  • Warranty:For the entire period of use.
  • Delivery: Digital Activation Key.
  • Life time: 12 months
  • License Type:Commercial 1 (one) device
  • Number of PCs: 1
  • Language: All languages
  • Download distributions: Download link
  • Regional binding: The key can be used from anywhere in the world.

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Product description

If you have in your submission to several employees who due to the nature of their work have to constantly use the corporate tablet or smartphone, then your best bet is to use software Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite, which will make the device work in times safer.

In today's world, business gradually transforms into a certain race of gadgets and software, as already not imagine the possibility of a full-fledged company that does not have at its disposal a minimum corporate communications, and that talking about smartphones or tablets, which are also involved in the process ... and believe me - it is only the beginning of progress, as he is relentless, and every day more and more deeply penetrated even there, where until recently it was quite expensive to shut down. That's just how to deal with the development of gadgets situation was not, and make sure that the corporate devices are protected and controlled by you, just you need to, and that means it's time to think about how to install Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite, which certainly It has all the features that you would like to see in the face of this software.

The main advantage of Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite is that it is not just anti-virus, namely centralized software that lets you manage anti-virus protection on all devices at the same time from anywhere in the world, provided that you have access to the Internet and at least the ability to use at least one of the modern browsers. In addition, this software will allow your subordinates to install only the "white software" which is actually safe for the device has been tested and Dr.Web laboratory. Here, it is worth noting that the program has the ability to filter calls and CMC messages that are separated by the "white" and means "black" lists. In addition, it is possible to track the location of the device when it: is in operation, lost or stolen. Here, too, it is possible to configure using remote access anti-virus protection as necessary at the moment.

Thus, in front of you is not a simple anti-virus Dr.Web for smartphones, but something more, that is directly tied to corporate work, but it can be used in the home, where a sufficient number of devices that are widely used, or for individual users who there will also be that find it useful.

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Отзывы наших покупателей
2018-11-06 16:59:21
как всегда качество на высоте!
2014-08-31 21:42:02
Покупкой очень доволен. Спасибо.
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