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Antivirus Avast 2018

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Many PC users, while working with their device, more than once change the software on it, which is responsible for the safe operation of their software. Such frequent changes of programs - antiviruses, lie in the fact that by acquiring one protective software, the user works with him for about 12 months and after that, the program ends the licensed service, which pushes the same user, to a new selection of antivirus. This is exactly what allows us to offer everyone who is currently looking for a powerful antivirus software - to get Avast 2018 for 4 years! Yes, yes ... You heard right, this software to protect your computer or other gadget, is designed to work continuously for 4 years. Thus, you no longer worry that the life of the anti-virus program is too short, or you did not have enough time to study the software used. When working with such a program, you will be able to “everything” and believe our experience, you will definitely like this protective program, since it was able to create really high-quality working capabilities and cool functional tools that the extensive software tools can offer you. security options.

Prevention Tools

  • Firewall - has all the features in order to track incoming and outgoing traffic flows, which allows it to immediately stop any attempts of third-party software, download something else on your PC, or send it to the network.
  • The authenticity of sites - has a high level of protection and thus, allows you to block the program of attackers who are trying to give out fraudulent resources for genuine in order to capture the user's payment data.
  • Spam protection - total blocking of all spam e-mails, which are performed not only by e-mail, but also by means of other applications.
  • Check Wi-Fi - check your home Wi-Fi network for the presence of vulnerabilities in it. In addition, the network can be scanned for the presence of third parties.

Protection Tools

  • Intellectual antivirus protection - is engaged in scanning the OS, which causes Antivirus Avast 2018 to instantly respond to any: viruses, rootkits, phishing, and so on.
  • Behavior screen - a system scan is performed, it is aimed at detecting non-standard behavior by programs that are taken under "special control" until clarification of circumstances, since their "behavior" may be associated with the appearance of a new virus threat.
  • Protection against ransomware programs - performs scanning and blocks all types of ransomware programs that try to send personal data to the network or, all the same personal data, try to delete or encrypt.
  • Sandbox - allows you to run the downloaded file in a limited environment for it, which allows you to test and scan the file and at the same time, do not infect the operating system.
  • CyberCapture - automatically send unknown virus threats to the "cloud" and instantly provide additional protection to all network users.
  • Intelligent scanning - allows Avast Prime 2018 Anti-Virus to automatically scan a device and inform the user about the most vulnerable areas of its device, including passwords, programs, system settings, and so on.
  • Automatic software update - allows you to perform automatic software updates, but it all only proceeds in a semi-automatic mode and official sources are used - websites and developer servers.

Each option, which is presented above, has its own specific goals and priorities to eliminate the many problems that either you may already have in the OS or are just going to settle there. Thus, you can always fix any problems in a timely manner and make them as inconspicuous as possible in terms of the consequences for the operation of your operating system.

Of course, from the basic tools that are present in your life at the moment, some may seem similar or almost identical. But you should not think that you are trying to sell several practically identical tools in one anti-virus, because here each option is an individual opportunity not only to protect the operating system, but also to bring something new into it. Thus, even if by the name or the original functionality of using Avast, it seems that it has similar options - this is completely wrong, but you can understand this only after you have worked with the program itself and figure out its capabilities.

As for the additional tools that are also present in this antivirus, then it is worth noting:

  • Passwords - using one password will be much easier to log into different accounts, especially since everything else takes control of powerful Avast 2018.
  • Protecting the webcam - hiding the webcam as a tracking device from any programs. Thus, it is possible not to worry that the personal camera is watching you day and night.
  • Data shredder - erases deleted data so much that their recovery is no longer possible. - Passive mode - allows you to use an additional antivirus and not worry that Avast 2018 will enter into confrontation with it.
  • Cleaning the browser - will provide an opportunity to eliminate / remove problems with the browser when it is forcibly installed without user knowledge: panels, scanners, buttons, and so on.
  • “Do Not Disturb” mode - allows you to work or have fun in full screen mode and not see notifications that can be displayed from: social networks, email, and so on.
  • Avast account - gives centralized access to all devices, which makes it easier to manage various devices that are not near you.

Of course, it would be possible to add support to all the “options” and “tools”, but as you probably already guessed, this is a natural addition, which is always and everywhere present in Avast products.

And now, think well about what you may already have on your device for a period of 4 years and give yourself the answer: “Can I offer another antivirus, something similar?” I am sure that the answer will immediately follow : “No!” Thus, by modern standards, this is the best product of all that you can meet and you should definitely start using it as soon as possible, since viruses and fraudsters on and off the net are not asleep.

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