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The level of security of a personal computer or laptop depends only on your immediate capabilities, both financially and in terms of selecting the "right" software. That is why if it becomes a choice and you need as soon as possible to choose an antivirus that meets the following requirements:

  • Easy to learn;
  • Multifaceted in terms of protection;
  • Quickly reacting to attempts to invade the OS;
  • Constantly updated and introducing something new.

In this case, the best to buy Avast 2018, since recently, this edition of anti-virus protection could not just reach a new level in its work, but surpassed itself. The uniqueness of the structure of the updated version of the program lies in the fact that now you can work not with the usual antivirus, but with the completely new edition of Premier, which was able to get a lot more working options from developers than all Avast protection programs had which were available a few years earlier.

To make it clearer what exactly you will have to deal with and how it will be necessary to carry out numerous working moments, you must understand that this software is many-sided and for each situation it has its own tool. Therefore, it is not necessary to use the same type of protection in different moments of the program, but it is necessary to always interact with those tools that are ideally suited for this. Here are the main features of the program with which you will have to work and which will ideally be tailored specifically for you and your interaction with the computer:

  • A set of tools "Prevention". This necessarily includes the "Firewall", which is ideal in order to independently monitor incoming and outgoing data. If something is wrong, then it is the Firewall that responds first and cuts off the attempts of intruders to seize the system. Also, there is a “Spam Protection” here, since with its help it is possible to protect your PC from receiving unwanted emails, where not only spam is present, but also links or archives with viruses. Here, there is the option “Authenticity of sites”, which allows you not to worry about the fact that attackers can intercept the DNS, which allows them to get your bank details when paying through the Internet. Immediately, there is the option "Check Wi-Fi", which allows the antivirus to constantly scan your Internet connection and point out exactly which flaws are in it and how you can get rid of them.
  • A set of tools "Protection". An even greater number of additions and options have been introduced here, but “Intellectual anti-virus protection” can be considered the most important, because it performs blocking any threats even before the moment when they got into your system. There are more options "Screen of behavior", she also works independently, but only in her duties is to monitor not quite the usual behavior patterns used by the software. Also, licensed Avast Premier is ready to present you the option “Protection against ransomware programs”, since now this type of fraud is very common due to the fact that ransomware programs are trying to archive or delete important user data and this blackmail him. There is a “Intelligent Scan”, it is somewhat similar to a colleague from the “toolbox” above, but with the correction that the installed software and the system as a whole are scanned, after which, the PC user is offered options for eliminating vulnerabilities. There are a couple of tools that are somewhat similar to each other - “CyberCapture” and “Sandbox” - both options are designed to be able to send suspicious and dangerous files to some kind of closed space where they can be run or checked, but with this, the OS is not as affected. Here, there is a tool “Automatic software update”, which allows the antivirus to independently perform software updates, which is outdated.
  • A set of tools "Privacy". In order not to worry about the security of your accounts, you should best protect them with the Passwords tool, as it allows you to use just one password, but as complex as possible and unavailable for hacking. Those of you who care about webcam privacy will like the Webcam Security tool, because it allows security software to monitor device operation and prevents third-party programs and operators from connecting to it. Well, if you are worried about the possibility of restoring the data you deleted, then you should use the Data Shredder tool, because it is so rubbing up the deleted files that even a professional cannot restore them later.

As you can see, the three essentially simple components push you to buy Avast Premier 2018, as this is a truly unique product, where protection is divided into sections with tools, and those, in turn, are separated for an even larger number of small subsections with an even larger number of small tools for “fine-tuning” system security, if you need one.

In addition, the software does not seem too complicated to you, because everything in it, as always, is located "in its place" and when you work with security software, you will not have any problems with its settings or other working options.

Starting to use Avast for 3 years in the near future, you will start to get maximum pleasure from such a simple, but at the same time high-quality antivirus, because it will dilute your gray computer everyday life with its ideal work, which will remain completely unnoticed by you.

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Отзывы наших покупателей
2022-08-14 09:05:06
Встало не с первого раза, но все работает! Спасибо
2022-03-16 00:12:34
2022-03-12 18:12:24
Быстро надёжно!
2022-03-08 15:31:52
Получил быстро. Но видно перепутали что то, лицензия на 2 года
2021-12-22 15:18:20
Все, ок
2021-12-01 20:14:52
Всё хорошо
2021-10-31 14:06:36
всё активировалось спасибо
2021-05-05 13:41:06
Всё отлично купил 2 лицухи на 2 и 3 года на, обе установились на УРА!
2021-01-22 14:19:53
Приобрёл лицензию. С первого раза не получилось активировать. Написал селлеру, очень быстро ответил и помог решить проблему. Спасибо! Хороших вам продаж!
2020-12-15 00:02:08
Активировался, обновился до Premium
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