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From the first seconds of acquaintance with Avast Premier 2018, not many PC users can understand that this software has a completely different structure compared to what similar software could have represented a couple of years ago. Of course, considering Avast antivirus for 2016-2017 release, we do not want to say that it was disgusting and did not have enough options to protect the system, but as practice showed, in 2018, the real “mastodon” appeared on the market, which is available anyone who needs powerful anti-virus protection, because the Avast Premier license 2018 has a place to be in the public domain and at a very attractive price. Thus, the acquisition of a powerful anti-virus will no longer be a problem for you, where it’s not enough to choose between eminent software manufacturers, you also need to invest a sufficient amount of money in order to purchase the selected software. Of course, the choice will have to be made and it will also be necessary to pay for the license, but the choice will be many times simpler, and the cost of the purchase will be almost noticeable for you.

Why Avast Premier 2018 for 2 years?

Agree that by acquiring a licensed antivirus, you do not have time to look back, as the first half of the year flies by its use, and then, a little more and the year is almost over. It is clear that the period of full operation of the license equal to 12 months is not small, but it is not great either. So, in order not to bother with unnecessary moments affecting the purchase of antivirus, the developer, designed, and then introduced to the market the Avast Premier 2018 activation key with a lifetime of 24 months! For two years, you can work with the program and not even think about the fact that it has any problems, since this period of time, you will get only pleasure when working at the computer.

What are the innovations in Avast Premier 2018?

If you consider this product from the consumer who is willing to find out what the anti-virus edition of Premier is, then in this case, you should familiarize yourself with its basic working nuances and capabilities that each of you should know, namely:

  • Firewall - a means of protection that automatically controls all incoming and outgoing traffic. Any action from the application not authorized by you, will be immediately stopped.
  • Protection against spam - a means of protection, giving the opportunity to protect themselves from the huge number of emails and messages sent by third parties to attract additional attention to themselves or their product.
  • The authenticity of the sites - is a means of protection that allows you not to worry that you can enter the scam site, since such sites will be automatically blocked.
  • Check Wi-Fi - a means of protecting and monitoring Wi-Fi network. Not one attacker will not be able to use your internet connection.
  • Intellectual anti-virus protection - a remedy aimed at blocking potentially dangerous software that has not even attempted to harm the system, but has already been blocked.
  • Behavior screen - is a means of protection that allows antivirus to analyze for detecting illegal actions on the part of suspicious objects.
  • Protection against ransomware programs - a security tool that has the ability to block any attempts to seize your: Desktop, encrypt or delete data stored on the HDD.
  • CyberCapture - is a security tool that instantly sends all suspicious files to the Cloud.
  • Intelligent scanning - protection tool that allows Avast to scan the system and identify the most likely vulnerabilities in it, in order to subsequently change the settings and reduce the threat to a minimum.
  • Sandbox - a means of protection designed to run and check for suspicious software, provided that it runs in a shell protected from system files. In the "sandbox" you can test the software and make sure that it is safe in order to be installed on your computer and fully involved in the work.
  • Passwords - is a security tool aimed at using just one password and an account to log in to other accounts you use in: programs, on websites, on social networks and so on.
  • Webcam protection - a security feature that has the ability to control the webcam and not allow attackers to monitor you through your own computer.
  • Automatic software update - also applies to protection tools, as it allows antivirus to update previously installed software.
  • Data Shredder - will allow you not to worry about deleting unnecessary information, because after it’s work, restoring something is no longer possible.

What is attractive Avast Premier 2018 for the average PC user?

In fact, Avast Premier for 2 years is an excellent tool to protect the operating system, as it contains a very rich toolkit to deal with external threats and every user has the opportunity to take care of making those settings which for him, the highest priority. In addition, this program is easy to understand, since it has a simple and intuitively clear look, where the navigation buttons are located where they should be. As a result, working with this software is very simple and it protects at the highest level, and therefore, to refuse such a high-quality antivirus developed in 2018, but developing with a perspective for the next few years, you simply cannot afford!

Choosing Avast Premier 2018 for 2 years, you personally install on your computer the best software that can really protect all the data that you so tremulously save from third parties.

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Отзывы наших покупателей
2023-06-17 23:09:42
Отлично, благодарю.
2023-06-08 21:05:49
Оплата прошла успешно,скачал фаил с яндекс диска по ссылке и скачал сам фаил,открыл архив и запустил фаил "Ключ" активировалось на 1123 дня
2023-05-09 14:20:01
все супер
2023-04-19 10:41:02
Продавец предоставил дистрибутив, всё работает!)
2023-04-01 19:41:25
Всё отлично!
2023-02-15 17:43:45
Активация прошла. Спасибо!
2023-02-15 00:01:35
Very good seller
2023-02-05 17:10:57
Активация прошла успешно, срок подписки по 05 июля 2026 года. В результате год подписки по цене чашки чая) Продавцу БОЛЬШОЕ СПАСИБО!!!
2023-02-02 11:38:55
Касаемо товара всё хорошо, но сам wmcentre просто убог- оплатить с карты не получилось- выбивает ошибку, через киви сразу прошла оплата
2023-01-03 14:48:00
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