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About us

Online store NM-STORE.ORG, glad to welcome you!
If you have interesting information about what the Internet site really is, then you did not make a mistake in the section and got to where you can get the most information that you will be interested in!

Internet site NM-STORE.ORG began to work fully from November 2014 and during these several years of its continuous work, it was able to show itself only on the positive side.

Of course, it is possible to argue about the quality of our Internet resource for a long time, but why do it, if you can make a personal example of the fact that our store on the Internet is one of the best in terms of service and pricing policy. We do not write reviews on our website on behalf of various people and do not resort to all kinds of fraudulent actions, as we are aimed at long-term cooperation with everyone who decides to have something to spare at least once.

Low prices and warranty service period is about us
The main distinguishing feature of our online store is that it has very low and most importantly, "honest prices", which are much lower than most other internet sites, but at the same time, the keys we bought are really licensed. That is why the quality of the products we sell is confirmed by the warranty period of service for any license activation key purchased in the store.

If, within the warranty period of the service, any activation key you acquire is out of order and it will not be in your vein, but will be a consequence of a system failure on the part of activation servers or updating of companies whose keys we distribute, we will immediately replace you with a full Working license key.

More details about the guarantees can be found by going to the page of the site - "WARRANTIES"

Feedback as a result of quality work
Returning to the quality of our work and to the incredible amount of positive feedback about it, we would like to note one very important detail that affects the reviews. Reviews about purchased license keys from us can be left only by those users who made the purchase. Thus, we were able to eliminate the possibility of cheating, both positive and negative reviews. In addition, the reviews themselves are left not on the pages of our online store, but on the internationally recognized Internet site, where access is allowed to leave only after the purchase was made. It follows that all the reviews you see on our site are left by real people who originally purchased license activation keys for the programs, then left feedback on the pages of the payment system and only after that, this feedback was automatically duplicated on Site NM-STORE.ORG. Payment without collecting your personal data Pay attention to the fact that you like to pay for licensed products through the service, which allows the buyer not to leave absolutely any of their data on the network. You simply choose the product you like on our pages, click on the "BUY" button, choose the payment method and make the payment. The only thing that you will need to enter from personal data, so fully functioning mail, because it will be sent to her electrogenic notice of the purchase you made and in this notification, there will be a copy of the license key. It should also be noted that, provided that for some reason you delete the received letter with a license key and you need a remote activation key for the program, you can easily restore it by logging into the system using your e-mail.

Flexible discount system and standing shares
We are constantly monitoring that prices in our online store are lower than anywhere else, and therefore we offer all regular customers discounts and bonuses that are very palpable, provided there is enough frequent purchases.

It is impossible to ignore the actions that our website sees almost every week, since it's shares that allow you to get not only an additional discount, but also give you the opportunity to purchase a second or third activation key with a discount of up to 70%!

Warranty Cancellation
In connection with the fact that recently the network shows a rather large activity of users who have fraudulent intentions and try to make all sorts of sophisticated methods to deceive, we reserve the right to remove all warranty obligations in the following situations:

  • An attempt to deceive technical support.
  • Distribution of confidential information about the purchase (account number, date of purchase, etc.).
  • Distribution of false information about the store.
  • Incorrect communication with the support service and any threats affecting the not-so-not-tarnished name of our online store.

We hope that all the above information was able to convey to you that our Internet site is exactly the place that works to please any users: personal computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets, very attractive prices for high-quality software.

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