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How to Shop

Agree that the shop is always interesting, and I would even say that exciting, so, to make purchases on the unvarying you like.

Thanks to our online shop on the 99.9% logged in, the commission of the purchase takes place in a few clicks, which speeds up the process and make it as convenient as possible. In addition, it is possible to make a purchase and not through an automated system, which of course takes a little more time, but allows you to directly engage in dialogue with real people from the support. For those who are not familiar with our system, we can say that the whole procedure of payment and purchase code is carried out in real time, which allows for really fast maximum in service.

It should also be borne in mind that there are a certain number of goods, the term of the license service which begins inexorably decline since as this product gets to our store, for this reason, we try to present the goods are delivered directly to the customer, but then it must be remembered, you can order and pay for goods, but forget to specify the e-mail address to retrieve it. As a result, the goods we receive, guarantee its service life is reduced, and the product is not used, because the buyer has not provided us a mail, and then begin the extra questions that the goods on the was delivered on time, but as practice shows, the buyer then apologizes and agrees that it is his fault that he had forgotten to provide specific details - where to deliver the goods.

Perhaps someone may seem that this version of the service is very long and not easy to use, but in fact, it is a very comfortable, practical and most importantly, economical in terms of finance. The main categories of goods, the license term is reduced maintenance since getting to our shop is:

- antivirus Kaspersky

- antivirus ESET NOD32.

- antivirus Avast! Internet Security.

- antivirus Dr.Web®.

If you'll carefully read the product description, you can always see in him a note that the product will be available immediately after the payment, or have to wait a little longer. Typically, the waiting period takes about 1-2 days (a maximum of 48 hours).

Attention Dear customers!

Very often problems getting mail for the domain Our letters are often caught in the spam or even blocked by the server, so that the letter came from us, we recommend that you add our email address (, in the "trusted" or provide us another email to send you a letter with our service. Delivery is counted from the moment when you have filled in the order form. If you do not fill in the form properly, the product will not come. This is an important point, which is always blank.

Delivery is counted from the moment when you have filled in the order form. If you do not fill in the form properly, the product will not come. This is an important point, which is always blank.

While shopping in our store and is not that difficult, but all the same it is for someone difficult, and for this reason, we decided to do a small survey, which shows you how to buy a certain product categories in our store. Here you will find a lot of useful information that will affect: the purchase of goods, payment systems, how to get the goods, where to download the software distribution, and more.

Buying goods on

Getting on the pages of our online store, you can immediately notice the many categories of products from which you need to select exactly what you are interested in.

Once you come in the category you are interested, you can see more of the categories in which more specific items divided into groups according to the specific features and software vendors. It happens that there is an inscription in front of you interested in the goods "not available", "of stock" or something like that, it means that at the moment the goods out of stock and purchase you will not be able to, but soon he again It appeared on the shelves of our store.

Selected items, you need to click the mouse cursor on the screen shot either by name, it will allow you to get to a page where there are: a complete description of the goods, their actual price, reviews, discounts and promotions information. Here you can select the system and payment of the goods.

Now you need to click on the "Buy" button and then you will be redirected to the page of Internet service, where you will be asked to make some actions and leave your details (e-mail). As you can see, nothing complicated, but here's more, our guide will be divided into two different branches, as in the first version, we will consider the payment via WebMoney, and in the second through the rest of the system.

Payment via WebMoney

- You must enter your WMID, which enables you to calculate the discount. - You must enter the e-mail to which you have access, as it will be duplicated link to the purchased product (this step is optional). - You must click on the "Continue" button and make full payment for the goods. - After payment of the goods you get almost instantaneous, as it comes in an e-mail format you by e-mail.

Payment through other payment systems - for example, will use the payment system YandexMoney. - After selecting a payment system, you will need to enter your e-mail address and click "Continue." - Click on "Pay". - In most cases, you will be redirected to the page ROBOKASSA payment system. On this page is possible to choose other methods of payment of the goods. - Enter owl e-mail, update the amount of produce that is needed to pay and click "Continue". - After that, you get to the payment page of the system that you have chosen (in this case YandexMoney). - Here you must enter the payment password. - Go back to the store site. - goods received. Certainly, for many buyers purchase, will not difficult, but if you have lost your product, you can always find it on the site, where it is stored on a mandatory order:

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