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Many dear buyers! Nm-Store.Org project at the moment is one of the highest quality and constantly evolving resource, which means that we constantly monitor to it that the quality of the products we offer only gets better. We always try to go to meet its customers products and that's why we offer to appeal to the support during the warranty period, all customers who have any - any problems with goods purchased from us. We will immediately respond to the complaint and the provision of additional information that the purchase is made, we immediately react and replace the goods of inadequate quality to higher quality.


- Our online store (Nm-Store.Org) does not bear any responsibility for not not your competence in the selection of software, which can lead to the possibility of not installing it on your Computer, laptop or other gadget, and therefore not performance program completely or partially. This fact will not be the main guarantee for refund or exchange for the electronic key to another.

- When purchasing goods worth paying attention to the compatibility of the purchased software and is installed as the seller (shop) is not responsible for the "conflict" software and its complete incompatibility.

- The store will not be not any responsibility for damage, which can be obtained by the use of software in the same way as for other direct or indirect costs, which in turn may lead to problems with the operation of other software that fully or partially. All of the above costs do not how will not be reimbursed by the seller.

The warranty period for licensed software purchased from us is:

- The product warranty of 12 months Microsoft, Microsoft 2 year Screenshots Anti whole period of validity

- If a particular product has a specific validity period, the warranty on this product may not exceed the term of the license of the product itself.

- The warranty period for the goods begins to report at the time of purchase and not from the date of activation. This product, which has not been activated, and lost the warranty period provided by the shop, not what can not be returned or exchanged.

In case of any problems associated with the products purchased from the store warranty case can be considered in which you need to provide:

- Number of the account and the exact date of his discharge on site (it is provided that the purchase was made in automatic mode).

- Number and date of the application itself, provided that the payment was made in the manual mode. - Case purchased the product key with which you have problems. - Screenshot of good quality or a complete description of the problem (error). Provided that you can not or do not have the ability to take a screenshot, you must provide a description of all problems (errors) in the same version as on your computer screen.

Once you have reported problems arising from a licensed product that you purchased at our store, your complaint will be considered within 2 days (48 hours) from the date of submission of your complaint is not a quality product. This time period is necessary in order to the seller could make sure that licensed product actually has a defect, which is a problem not of quality software or accidental failure. If the goods are really going to have a defect, the seller (shop) is committed to exchange it for quality software within 2 days (48 hours) in a queue.

In order to solve the problem, the buyer should contact the seller yourself - with the support of the store and explain everything as described above.

If a situation arises that the buyer can not replace the purchased goods to the equivalent (identical to previously acquired), or the buyer and seller can not agree on a replacement of inoperable software on the equivalent, in such a case, the buyer has every right to claim compensation all the costs incurred for the purchase of goods.

If replacement of the goods has been made, then the replaced (new) product acts constituting an additional warranty 7 days. This means that a warranty period previously purchased goods you add 7 days and get a new date for the end of the warranty period of the goods, provided that the buyer and seller are not stipulated other ways of extending guarantees.

There are situations where the goods can be removed from the warranty:

- Failure to provide accurate information about making a purchase at the store.

- Attempt of fraud Seller, provided that the worker is issued for the product is not working.

- Violation of rules of use of the goods in cases where the specified number of PCs on which you can install the software.

- Warranty period has expired completely.

- After the conversion of the buyer in the warranty service and the provision of adequate support to him, provided that the software fully working, and the buyer continues to assert that the Software will work is not complete. In this case, the product is tested again, and if the software is fully working, the warranty service is removed from it.

If the buyer is not able to negotiate and to solve their problems with the support, it can directly contact administrator and discuss with him. Contact the administrator of the project is possible through:

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