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Windows 10 guzzles internet traffic

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Windows 10 guzzles internet traffic

Despite the fact that "ten" is a very advanced operating system in terms of recognition of the Internet connection, it may still have some failures, which will lead to the fact that you will notice as Windows 10 spends Internet traffic, which is so dear to you. Of course, for those who have "Unlimited" kakaya-to loss of Internet traffic and a small amount of speed it can take not much, but if you have limited kakoy-to fare or you do internet speed dropped and almost equal to zero, then you It is to delve into the OS settings.

The first thing you should do is go to the section of Windows 10, "Using data" which can be found here after going on this path: "Options" -> "Network and Internet" -> "Use of Data". Now, in order to familiarize themselves with the Internet traffic loss during the last 30 days, you can simply click on the "Data on the use." Once you see what programs and applications spend most of Internet traffic, it will be enough to remove all the unnecessary applications, and someone just have to disable the ability to update without your knowledge. Immediately note the fact that you were not running which is not known to you online process that smoothly shake something from the Internet, if you have the processes, it is necessary to check your PC for viruses using anti-virus license.

Also, in order to limit the loss of Internet traffic, it is possible to set "Connection Limit" in the OS Windows 10. In order to set the "Limit Connection", it is necessary: LMB click on the icon "Connections" -> "Network" tab and Wi- Fi access (in the case of Wi-Fi connection) make a move before the end of the list ->, and only now, click on the "Advanced settings" (the wireless connection is active):

In the "Settings" "Wireless LAN" select "Set as the connection limit" (suitable only for Wi-Fi):

Also, if Windows 10 spends Internet traffic to update the operating system, it is necessary to disconnect all the updates, since the new system of distribution and to download the update in the "tens", rather bly reduces not only the speed of the Internet, but also " burns "internet traffic.

In order to turn off updates, go to your "Settings" -> "Updating and security" -> "the Windows Update" -> "Advanced Settings" -> in the new window click on the "Choose how and when to receive the update":

Alternatively, you can disable even auto update applications installed in the default OS from the "Stora", this simply just need to: run the "Shop Windows 10" -> make a click on the profile icon and select "Settings" -> make off point "Update program automatically":

Immediately may disable all updates that affect the "live tiles" that are periodically loaded: news, weather, and other data from the Internet.

These are not complicated ways, you can easily solve your problems, and this means that Windows 10 will spend more online traffic without your knowledge!

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