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Windows 10 Anniversary Update freezes

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Windows 10 Anniversary Update freezes

If you Windows 10 hangs Anniversary Update, then it is necessary for the stretch brains about this, because this is a problem in recent years begins to terrorize more and more users who do not what it can not do.

Initially, hangs after installing the update «Anniversary Update» looked like a conflict between the Windows 10 and third-party applications, but as it turned out - it was an error of judgment! Even running OS "on the net", without third-party programs, it still hangs! In addition, the launch of the operating system in "safe mode", which has brought not positive, as the OS will still continue to hang. And the most important thing! The configuration of your PC does not play a role in what will be the OS to hang or not!

Not that people are tired of all the suffering and began to gradually eliminate the various updates, lamenting the fact that it is because of some of them, there was a problem with the lock-ups, and in their view, to blame update «KB3176929», as it was after his removal of all normal and bounces back.

In addition, someone from the users of Microsoft Forum was launched version of what if we make a Windows 10 upgrade to «Anniversary Update» using a boot disk instead of using «Windows Update", then all the problems disappear, and not bringing more hang will not be. But it is worth noting that although this method works, it is the user to set any - any language pack, lock-ups problem returns.

Also, it is noted that if you have a Windows 10 hangs Anniversary Update, you can select "Local Account" and then the problem will disappear. That's just the way of the same is not perfect and does not help all users.

As a solution to the problem, someone of you probably will be able to help the selection of the "C" of the system drive, the default location to save the application:

An interesting solution to the problem users have a PC with the "stuffing" of "the Intel", it is the ability to simply upgrade their hardware to the latest version of «Intel Rapid Storage Technology» drivers. Here it is worth noting that someone from the members helped method allows a simple switch on the power supply circuit with a "balanced" to "High Performance" and then, to disconnect parameter "Power management link state":

Also, there is an opinion that the inclusion of «AppXsvc» service. In order to enable the service «AppXsvc», you need to log in to the "Safe Mode"> make a discovery registry> to go to the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ ControlSet001 \ Services \ AppXSvc> find the option «Start» and set the value for him equal to "4"> thereafter, download the PC in the normal mode:

All of the above methods to solve the problem with the fact that Windows 10 Anniversary Update hangs often enough to help, but as an option, you can still try disabling «Windows» search and «Superfetch», or to roll back the operating system and the inclusion of "To postpone an update" function.

In any case, try to deal with the newly emerging problem in the OS is necessary because, when will the next patch or update that Microsoft will release to fix the problem is not yet known.

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