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Weather on the taskbar in Windows 11

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Weather on the taskbar in Windows 11

Some PC users may have noticed that recently, they have Weather on the taskbar in Windows 11 is a small widget that is located on the left side of the screen. This event was able to please some of the users, and who was very upset and there are several reasons for this:

  • Automatic appearance of the "Weather" widget, someone liked it, and someone did not like it;
  • For someone, the Weather widget appeared on its own, and for someone, it did not appear at all.

All this forced the Windows user community to split into two clans once again, where the first ones require nothing not to add to their "Desktop", and the second ones require them to add a widget that almost everyone already has, but they still have not appeared. It is for this reason that we would like to invite all those who wish to activate/deactivate the Weather widget to read the instructions below.

Configuring the Weather widget in Windows 11

Not everyone knows this, but the "Widgets" / "Mini-applications" button is responsible for showing the weather that is displayed on the "Taskbar". It was this button that, at one time, a huge number of users turned off with their own hands, since at that time, it did not carry any benefit. Particularly zealous users even removed the "Mini-applications" button, as they decided that they would never need it at all.

  • The process of turning on or off the mini-application begins with the following: hover the mouse cursor over an empty area of the "Taskbar" and right-click → click on "Taskbar Options" → turn on the "Mini-application", which is located in the "Taskbar Elements" section. Here we also note that to turn off the "Weather", you need to do all the same things as to turn it on, but only in the final step select off.

  • It happens that after the operation described above, nothing happened, in such a situation, you need to update the Microsoft Store: launch "Microsoft Store" → go to "Library" → click on "Update everything" (sometimes you need to click on "Check for updates" at the beginning) → at the end of the update, we reboot the device.

After the update, the "Weather" icon will appear on the "Taskbar" or it will not appear, it all depends on what exactly you selected during the settings.

If everything is configured correctly, then The weather on the taskbar in Windows 11 will be displayed to the left of the Start menu.

  • Also, you can configure the locality for which weather information should be displayed: right on the "Taskbar" click on the "Weather" button → now, click on the three points "..." of the "weather widget" → select "Configure mini-application" → in the settings disable automatic location and set the locality you need manually.

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